Fireworks Ride June 24th

Bike Mike, (co-founder Bike Detroit) showed up in Lathrup Village around 8:15, water filled and chatting done we jumped on our Mountain Bikes and headed out to beat our best time down which had been 57 Minutes.  That big Son-of-a-Beeach slapped the pedals hard all the way down.  We picked up a road-iee around Palmer Park, avg 20+ the Boy could not pass and held on as we enjoyed the competition.  At Warren we got caught at the light and as our new friend arrived he passed on thru saying see you later and hit it as hard as he could.  We caught him and Blew by him at Willis, just in time for our left turn at Seldon and on to honest John’s.

Our Buddy Shawn was waiting as we dismounted I had to walk around for 5 and catch my breath whoa what a slapping down through the sticky mud like air…  A group of 12 riders were parked all over the fence as a smile came to my face the word is out and everyone is starting to enjoy biking in the City.  A beer and 3 glasses of water later we were oft again Sailing sliding around the cars stuck in the log jam we came into the area that had been closed to cars.  We all started to make wide sweeping Arch’s back in forth enjoying the freedom from all that steel.  Hundreds of people were doing the same thing bikes everywhere wow!

The display was wonderful and the sounds and booms riveting through the depths of our chest down to our feet.  With the finale being done the mad dash was upon us, bikes streaking out and in every direction.  The Police gave us special treatment and held the steel at bay.  We flew up to the Motor-city Brewery and as we arrived the place was awash in it’s golden community light-glow.  Relaxing with some Vegan Curry Soup the bikes started to pour on into the parking lot.  At 11:30 there were 3 times the bikes than cars as the Traffic Jam Parking Lot looked all of a sudden to big and kind of out of place?  when the Green Alleyway project is completed what a hub this area will be!

 Slapping North through Wayne State Campus we encountered a pick up truck, (you know Big Truck, Little Johnson?), on the other side, whose driver thought it would be fun to roll on past us a little to close.  With that being said the rest of the journey North West was fantastic.  Through Palmer Woods Park we only saw one car.  Onto Livernois same thing only one car.  Once North of 8 mile no cars were encountered at all! We own the streets at night.  Arriving back in Lathrup Village we commented on the trail and went our separate ways me oft to bed and Big Mike on up to Rochester Hills.  This was our third year in a row so this is going to be a tradition from now on.  You are all invited…..

 Bike Detroit!!

Bigham Farms/Birmingham Trail Loop

June 23rd.  Blasted across Southfield Road, cutting the massive rush in half, no real close call just ripping fun.  Headed through Lathrup Village and by the Historic Mansion that burned to the ground last week.  With the smell of cinder still in the air I was wondering why no one had thought of a Lighting rod?  From there snaked over to the ‘Ridge’ trial.  Turning right onto Bell Road I headed North to Valley Crest drive.  Turning left and then left again down to the turn around on the right you will find the trail entry.  I was being followed a little to close by a revved up unsatisfied women when I made my dart into the trail entry.  Turning left I happened upon the slanting road trial and started my way down the hill, for those of us who have been there, the words oh shit came out of my mouth as I was standing up on the pedals ass back, no en-do please….

 Whipping along the rivers edge and across the DNR bridge I climbed my way out the other end.  At 12 mile road I turned east and slapped the pedals all the way down the sidewalk hill back to Bell Road once again.   You cannot believe that something like this is right here around the corner.

 Bike Detroit!

June 18 training ride

Took the usual way east along Lincoln and down to John R.  South of 8 mile there was nothing but nature making noise.  I encountered only one car prior to Grand Blvd.  Free fun with push ups meet the family at the Motor City Brewery and headed home.

 J. Meyers

Southfield Trails

June 16th was our first scheduled Trail ride,  Mat6t showed up at 5:25 and we waited for others until 5:40 then we were oft.  Over the pedestrian bridge @ 696 we entered into our first trail section and discovered a few more Ash had fallen down across so we had to portage just once.  On Thur over the the 9 and evergreen system.  Back in there for 20 min. going up down and through all of the trails that took us so long this Spring to clean up what fun.  From there took the back roads up to the sidewalk at 9 and Lahser.  Snaked South on Berg and turned right on the first street.  From there headed West and crossed over telegraph at the turnaround.  On the bike trail we headed to an area South of 9 mile behind McArthur Elementary school.  This area is located behind Lear Corp world head quarters and is the first of the areas that has virgin watershed topography.  Got back into it and encountered numerous Ash trees recently blown down across the trail. This place needs another Ranger Run prior to bringing a group back.  form there headed north to 9 mile and then went west bound over Beach road and down and up the hill to the  Ravine’s sub.  Snaked through and entered into the Carpenter Lake Rec Area for some good trail fun.  After a good loop we headed back to nine mile and East from there.  Crossing over Beach to the first street being McAllister.  Turning North on up to Larkens we headed East, past a stop sign and just before you enter into Eisenhower elementary school you will see what looks like a gravel drive on your right.  Hung a right and went down about 200′ and you will see the trail entry on your left.  Entered in and did a fun and fast loop all clear.

From there headed East through the elementary school parking lot and through the fence tunnel that leads to Kinsel.  Turned left on Kinsel and headed north to 10 mile.  Crossed over at 10 and headed through the old Telex plaza parking lot onto the sidewalk in front of Meriwether’s then down into the fast snake that runs along the rouge river and allows fo safe passage under telegraph road.  Took the trial along the East side of the river, under civic center drive we held to the rivers edge and crossed back over the river on the pedestrian bridge.  Took that trail all the way up to 696 and turned back around behind the retirement complex and up along the bike path running south of civic center drive.  Into the City of Southfield Civic Center area we made our way to the nature trails.  $ big ash have fallen and block the path extensively.  We thought about turning around but hiked on over and through until we found the easement trail that leads back into Southfield Lathrup.  Crossed Southfield Road and said our good bye’s 29 miles later are buts were kicked.  Need some more trimming then it will be smooth sailing from there.

 J. Meyers bike explorer

June 11th Thursday Night Ride

The rain was feeling good, that is of course if you have the proper gear!  REI has everything you need to empower you to make bike riding an example of will and intent.  Far too often people choose to hold the weather in such a way so as to have it stop them from living their dream, or practicing a balanced healthy life, this night was no different. Departed from Honest Johns up to Motor City Brewery to see if Dan was still going to come out on the ride?  He had said last time that he never really explored the west side of
Detroit.  Keeping to that view I headed do west, snaking my way over the lodge looking for the Canfield trail.  Snaking back and forth through some industrial ruins, I happened onto Military and

Dragoon Street

just west of the old fort trail, better known as Livernois. I started to dream and imagine what life was like back in the days of the grand old fort and the development that headed north along the old fort trail.  There is an interesting collection of architecture that becomes older and better made almost on a block to block basis.  The old fields must had been planted with orchards and grains as the original Cattle farms were out towards what is know called ‘Southfield’ at least up until the invention of freeways which lead to urban sprawl and the ruining of our localized agricultural infrastructure.Anyways….  back onto

Military Street

.  Underneath the massive tracks that head west from the Grand Central Station there is a closed down tunnel bridge above

Military Street

.It looks and felt like another dark doorway, left from behind, when the corruption was in full purple gloom.  A “equilateral” cut through a chain link fence, four seconds in, four seconds-breath out in front of me, ignited I ventured in.  Narrow to narrow four corridors accompanied by two opposing sidewalks.  The lanes are so small, made for another time, that no modern day car, unless you are ‘Smart’ could ever venture there, but on bike way cool if you dare?  After what seemed like a hundred yards I came through back into the light through the triangle opening.  A behemoth chop shop fork life met me there, intimidating destruction energy-stare-streamed?  Without talking simply painted a view that sewed? “I am just a bike explorer, no judgment no harm”?  Without a word he said go on thru…Flew on down to the old Jefferson Trail and Headed South West to Kovak’s bar, (north side of the road, west of the Fort, East of Zug Island Bridge), anyways the place is circa. 1887, has an original map of the ‘

Village of
Delray” The one Matty Moroon is currently painting with his view? Go Cost Guard, (Jen thinks you guys are Hot ;-).  There you will find an old regular fellow still on the trail he invented decades ago… Ma Kovak 65+ still keeps the doors open holding onto to her dreams of memories when the place was a historic dance hall were big bands used to play.  The ‘Locals’ would come on in every day and during dance weekends play and play and play.  Remember back in a day when communities were alive and not displaced by the cars that drove them away?  A place were good advice is still dispensed by a wise old woman, well lit and true, who has lived enough to somehow become a door and can transcend that which consumes you, ready to let it go-grow-goa?  A few Labatt blue lights, and we were saying are good byes.  I have promised her that we will comedown someday with our kids in tow and that when there are more people on bikes we will come again.From there on back up and over to Motor City Brew to meet up with J.P. Rasta.  An organic fellow, to talk about the rebirth of Urban Agriculture in the City, Bio-Intensive Farming Cost and when in the hell was he going to go on a bike ride?J. Meyers bike explorer

June 3rd Rochester Hills

We joined our buddy Big Mike and headed out from his place to Swizzle the pedestrian path ways in and around Rochester Hills and oh boy hills are right.  A far departure from the low land Urban City Assults we are used to.  20 plus miles later with a few push-up stops along the way, Curly Matt, (guy pictured in the trail reconstruction pics), was cramping and walking the last mile, as we practice group we all dismounted to join him, thats when the vernage got a little bit much as I had to listen to them tell me in more ways than one, that if it was me, they would leave my ass hi and dry…. ha ha ha….

50′ Bluff? in Metro Detroit?

Recently discovered and soon to be include on our trail loops we have discovered yet again Virgin Watershed Topography with 50′ plus bluffs, and a valley floor that has the largest collection of virgin trees I have ever seen in Michigan.  Tom, Sal, Jen, Sephera, Ted, Alex, Rebecca and Ellen all hiked the trail with us on Sunday morning 6/7.  All were mistified as to the grandure.  We have all witnessed the largest Sycamore that I have ever seen in the United States, along with a Tulip tree I hold to be the largest I have ever seen!  The Native White Oaks and Sugar Maples stand on their own as this place reminds me of a magaical Valley that you would find in New Zealand and not in Metro Detroit.  The river Rouge clean up cleared the trails for our bikes so who ever wants to come join us for the first Bingham Farms/Birmingham trail loop later on this month…..