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Fireworks Ride June 24th

Bike Mike, (co-founder Bike Detroit) showed up in Lathrup Village around 8:15, water filled and chatting done we jumped on our Mountain Bikes and headed out to beat our best time down which had been 57 Minutes.  That big Son-of-a-Beeach slapped the pedals hard all the way down.  We picked up a road-iee around Palmer Park, avg 20+ the Boy could not pass and held on as we enjoyed the competition.  At Warren we got caught at the light and as our new friend arrived he passed on thru saying see you later and hit it as hard as he could.  We caught him and Blew by him at Willis, just in time for our left turn at Seldon and on to honest John’s.

Our Buddy Shawn was waiting as we dismounted I had to walk around for 5 and catch my breath whoa what a slapping down through the sticky mud like air…  A group of 12 riders were parked all over the fence as a smile came to my face the word is out and everyone is starting to enjoy biking in the City.  A beer and 3 glasses of water later we were oft again Sailing sliding around the cars stuck in the log jam we came into the area that had been closed to cars.  We all started to make wide sweeping Arch’s back in forth enjoying the freedom from all that steel.  Hundreds of people were doing the same thing bikes everywhere wow!

The display was wonderful and the sounds and booms riveting through the depths of our chest down to our feet.  With the finale being done the mad dash was upon us, bikes streaking out and in every direction.  The Police gave us special treatment and held the steel at bay.  We flew up to the Motor-city Brewery and as we arrived the place was awash in it’s golden community light-glow.  Relaxing with some Vegan Curry Soup the bikes started to pour on into the parking lot.  At 11:30 there were 3 times the bikes than cars as the Traffic Jam Parking Lot looked all of a sudden to big and kind of out of place?  when the Green Alleyway project is completed what a hub this area will be!

 Slapping North through Wayne State Campus we encountered a pick up truck, (you know Big Truck, Little Johnson?), on the other side, whose driver thought it would be fun to roll on past us a little to close.  With that being said the rest of the journey North West was fantastic.  Through Palmer Woods Park we only saw one car.  Onto Livernois same thing only one car.  Once North of 8 mile no cars were encountered at all! We own the streets at night.  Arriving back in Lathrup Village we commented on the trail and went our separate ways me oft to bed and Big Mike on up to Rochester Hills.  This was our third year in a row so this is going to be a tradition from now on.  You are all invited…..

 Bike Detroit!!


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