03/22/2012 First Thursday Night Ride:

Spring was quickly getting run out of town with the third day in the 80’s. I was concerned with fruit bearing trees being exposed to another blow of winter breath. Wow it feels like summer! Jen was ready to ride, so was Dan, geese kids again, Yup! As we started to gather around we soon found ourselves joined by Amber, Connie from the Suicide Squad, James and Lauren feeling right and what would it be without late coming Mike, riding in from Ferndale and ready to bike.

Tonight’s ride was a visual honor. Colors of the spoke to the wheel ready to ride; diversity is the celebration of life. The silencer to the monolog that keeps us all apart is the bike, the trail or the ride. Dan was willing to take point as tonight’s ride was not planned out/informal. We sharked by HJ’s to see if anyone was around, circling back we pedestrian bridged our way to Buchannan and headed out to the way west.

Street after street on the outside of Mexican town, which might as well be called Mexican city given how far north and west it really has expanded was alive with community life. The smell of home cooked food was thick floating through the warm air. The view was filled with families spilling over from patios onto steps and walkways, then into their yards, and in some wonderful occasions, right into the street! Sweeping in the back I was able to say hello to so many people 1/2 in English and half Ola if you please. Okay at first maybe there could have been some judgment, or perhaps a little of that conversation in the head? Jen would say “oooh wait”, then the smile, then say hello, sure is a nice day today.

Heading South on Springwells it was feeling a little rushed. Only Charlie’s place left open on the west side. They unlocked the back patio, we brought our bikes in and were picnicking about when Dan emerged with 8) award winning PBR’s. Amber made mention of being here last year, the others smiled on in and soon the much anticipated Taco Truck Debate was upon us. From there we flew south to Jefferson in the Delray. Quick stop Ma Kovacs, circa 1896 and sadly we think the place is presently^ forever closed . Darting down Jefferson, Dan thought he could talk the Ft Wayne security Guard into a quick sharking but we were denied. Continued Bridge underpass, “yeah we closed down Jefferson Ave in the name of fear!” merry-go-around-to- fort right on downtown. Right again at the modified watershed hill, we found Jefferson Again. Back side Post Office sprint behind us; we caught our breath as we all turned onto the river walk for some people surfing.

Unlike other nights, tonight the river walk was wonderfully aglow with many, many people. First the fishermen, then the families, then the lovers, then the clowns, we all surfed on through in and around. Sooner or later designated traffic lanes will have to be addressed and provided, if not it may very well become a Chicago kind of walk. Anyways, we slowly- nicely, (Okay Suicide Connie had every right to speak up) but still felt nice making it our way through, onto to St. Andrews.

Another PBR and soon we were off onto the Sprint Cup Dequindre Cut to Eastern Market and then back onto MCB. Amber was off to her conference call, were as others pow-we-vowed and confirmed the circle.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer

03/19/2012 Spring Equinox Ride:

The reminder text was sent out earlier that day. Most cannot help being caught up in the patterns of life. For me it’s 9:30 lights out 5:00 a.m. lights on. The conversation in my head was telling me the Same-o-lame-o. A Bike Detroit ride is always aimed at the silencing the conversation forever. Dan met up at 9:45pm at the Palmer house so we could both catch up and talk about the inspiration of the new moon and why it is so important to us each and every month.

The new Moon represents the doorway that is open, No waxing-waning effect, no weight of la Luna’s water cycle upon us. Abraham knew this and used the cyclic opportunity to open his heart and avail himself to the Heavens divine inspiration. The seekers of heartfelt intent might ought the same.

The police bike came off the hooks, out of the cobwebs and onto the road tonight. We talked about it long enough. Would it fit Dan’s frame or at worst be a loner on and for anyone who was without? A few adjustments to the seat and we were off flying through Streetlight pole’s stripped Palmer, on our way to the Third Ave blast straight on down fast and funning. Dan been off the bike all winter, a few more adjustments were made, while working on downtown.

Needless to say, or yup we were about 10 min late in arriving at MCB, we ‘slight sharked it’ and slid onto HJ’S for a beer and good catch up conversation. The same page of a two sided circle is Harmony and Peace. Seek the doorway and enter there in, a must is a heartfelt friend.

Flat on through WSC, north on second passing the Fisher, the empty silence of the doorways at night, let the starlight shine on down, breathing in, out, up, practicing all the way back to Palmer.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer

03/15/2012 Thursday Night Ride:

What a beautiful Day! Jen called to tell me that even though we have nothing officially scheduled she wanted to do a ride tonight in honor of one of her oldest friends who was in town from Kansas city. Welcome Michelle! Meeting down at MCB Jen had a chance to catch up with one of her earliest childhood friends where as I unexpectedly found myself being interviewed for a proposed documentary film on what we were doing out at Palmer Park? All I could ask is what this fellow’s intent was? He was shocked to learn that the proposed urban Farm was set upon Rudolph Steiner’s Bio-Dynamic farming principals. You never know who or what you will meet or find when you head on in and out for one of our bike rides. Seeing the ‘Good-ness’ of Jens elementary school friend reminded my I really fell in love with my wife. A good heart is truly inspirational!

With lighting streaking up the sky we took off on a simple run down to the river walk and onto Andrews. There was absolutely NOBODY on the river walk. Only us, the wind and the silence of the lazy Detroit river gently flowing by. In the miles that ensued emptiness and peace is what we all experienced. Stopping at Andrews as our turn around spot once again our Big Ole Burly Man bar keep was singing ‘Air-Supply’s’ All out of Love, all I could do is smile and smile as he and his friends were having a Dart throwing competition.

We started to head back and thought a sprint of the Dequindre cut was in order for our out of town guess. She asked why this was the only rail to trail conversion? Wow what a good question? From there we snaked through Eastern Market as we made our way back to MCB, fond-fair-thee-wells ensued and with a quick hug we were on our way back home to our sleeping children.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer

03/11/2012 The LaSalle trail down to Cork town:

What a beautiful morning! We met up at Palmer Park and jumped on one of our new favorite LaSalle Blvd to enjoy a leisurely ride down to Cork town. It was really hard to believe but big Mike actually was relaxing? The first time I had seen this in quite a while. The goal was to arrive in time to see Jen run in the 5k race and perhaps stick around to enjoy the annual St. Patty Parade. Making it down was silent and peaceful. On Sunday morning it always is, no matter what street you find yourself on in our great city. Mike made a comment on how “good this part of the city feels” and thought it would be great to add this route to one or two of our scheduled rides this year.

Arriving around 10:00 a.m., way early, it was great to see some of the eventual 7000+ runners warming up in their green running shirts. No cars just people, Now We Getting Somewhere as Donkey would say. Mike made a quick call to his lovely wife Lisa seeing if she wanted to join us downtown? We headed back up to Honest Johns for a quick break and from there Mike headed north back to Palmer and onto his home. I spun about and headed back to Cork town in just enough time to see my Sister in Law, Kelly chug on by where Michigan Ave meets Trumbull; Go Sis!!!

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer