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03/19/2012 Spring Equinox Ride:

The reminder text was sent out earlier that day. Most cannot help being caught up in the patterns of life. For me it’s 9:30 lights out 5:00 a.m. lights on. The conversation in my head was telling me the Same-o-lame-o. A Bike Detroit ride is always aimed at the silencing the conversation forever. Dan met up at 9:45pm at the Palmer house so we could both catch up and talk about the inspiration of the new moon and why it is so important to us each and every month.

The new Moon represents the doorway that is open, No waxing-waning effect, no weight of la Luna’s water cycle upon us. Abraham knew this and used the cyclic opportunity to open his heart and avail himself to the Heavens divine inspiration. The seekers of heartfelt intent might ought the same.

The police bike came off the hooks, out of the cobwebs and onto the road tonight. We talked about it long enough. Would it fit Dan’s frame or at worst be a loner on and for anyone who was without? A few adjustments to the seat and we were off flying through Streetlight pole’s stripped Palmer, on our way to the Third Ave blast straight on down fast and funning. Dan been off the bike all winter, a few more adjustments were made, while working on downtown.

Needless to say, or yup we were about 10 min late in arriving at MCB, we ‘slight sharked it’ and slid onto HJ’S for a beer and good catch up conversation. The same page of a two sided circle is Harmony and Peace. Seek the doorway and enter there in, a must is a heartfelt friend.

Flat on through WSC, north on second passing the Fisher, the empty silence of the doorways at night, let the starlight shine on down, breathing in, out, up, practicing all the way back to Palmer.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer


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