Bike Detroit is a community based non-profit organization focused on clearing and cleaning bike trails in Detroit and suburban area. The development of the Emerald Necklace Master Plan and related Jewel – the Palmer Park Self Sustainable Master Plan are intended to facilitate connectivity and community in the city of Detroit. To date, the efforts in Palmer Park have allowed for people to feel comfortable to once again use the trail system and related aspects of the park.

Bike Detroit advocates awareness regarding bike safety and enjoyable bike routes in Detroit by hosting weekly riding opportunities that offer both casual and adventure riding experiences. Bike Detroit brings business to the community through the riding program by supporting bike shops as well as food and beverage establishments. Bike Detroit brings smiles to the citizens as we tour neighborhoods and remote areas of the city to share our good energy and belief that Detroit is a great place.

The purpose of this business plan is to facilitate the transition from a change agent based on sweat and pedal pushing – to an enabling organization that can channel grants, donations and endowments into physical change in the city. Cleaning, clearing, growing and rebuilding critical infrastructure is needed and will make the Emerald Necklace and jewel of Detroit – Palmer Park a safe haven for community and success in Detroit. With outstanding relationships established with the City, the General services, Parks and Recreation departments and other community non-profit businesses – Bike Detroit can streamline the investments and immediately bring impact to the parks and connecting boulevards, avenues and streets. Further, Bike Detroit is committed to using Detroit based businesses and workers to ensure funding channels into those that pay their taxes and do business locally.

Company History

Bike Detroit was founded in 2010 and established non-profit by James Meyers, who started bike riding in Detroit in 2001. With limited resources, the focus has been on clearing the established trails from garbage, over-growth, invasive species and fallen trees. Efforts in Southfield where we grew up, and then in Palmer Park have resulted in 6.2 miles of usable trail systems which are now enjoyed by many. Understanding the difficulty of making progress in the current circumstances, Bike Detroit is expanding the scope of operations. The Bike Detroit organization will remain small; James is the acting President and has over 30 years of Landscape Master Planning and Construction experience. As a small business owner in Detroit, he has personally donated countless hours and funding to Palmer Park by leading the trail clean up, clearing overgrowth and areas where criminal activity flourished. Jim has planted over 900 apple trees and established strong relationships with the community. With secured project funding, the majority of work will be outsourced to local businesses to ensure timeliness in delivery and community benefit.

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