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Our approach: Biking in the city is based on a ‘Mountain/Urban Bike experience. We sought out and developed routes that embraced and reflect the path least-traveled. To that end, we did not seek to commingle routes, in typical bike lane fashion, along primary automobile avenues which force people to be some 2-3′ away from what doesn’t work. Getting away from cars is the approach that has always felt the best and in turn creates a more peaceful experience allowing for people to open up and share who they are.

‘Rides’ are open to the general public; all are welcome including families.

‘Run’ typically means a faster pace/work out.

‘Tour’ typically means a slower more comfortable pace.

Our Tours Include:

• Fort Wayne
• Ley Line and Way Markers
• Buildings, Symbolism, and Periods
• Wagon Trails to Roads

• Palmer
• Rouge
• Tuttle
• Patton
• Dehner and Riverview
• Belle Isle and all parks in-between
• Liza Howell ( off road Mountain Biking cross over )

Great Neighborhoods:
• Boston Edison, (both sides of the lodge)
• Canfield
• Corktown
• Detroit Country Club Golf Course, Sherwood Forest and Palmer Woods
• East Side Hidden Gems
• Grandmont and Indian Village
• Rosedale and old Redford

• Buildings of noted importance
• Arts and Craft
• The English Tudor movement
• Art Deco
• Palmer Park Apartment District

Suburban Trails:
• Southfield 24-26 mile loop
• Birmingham Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Loop 24-28 miles
• Detroit Park Trail Inner Loop 23) Miles thru 21) Parks
• Detroit Park Trail Middle Loop 33) Miles thru 28) Parks
• Detroit Park Trail Emerald Necklace 62) Miles/100k thru 42) Parks 60% trails and paths!

• Family Tours
• Cathedrals and ancient houses of God
• Cemetery Tours
• The Jefferson trial, Delray to Wyandotte, Detroit’s very own Down River
• Cultural tours Hamtramck, South West Detroit and Eastern Market

Here are some rules and safety info:

Where: 3 meeting places, please check the schedule, Motor City Brewery 470 West Canfield, Detroit MI. 48201, or The Stone House 19803 Ralston Street, Highland Park MI. 48203

What: Exploration bike rides in all directions from a centralized hub, liken to the original city master plan, spokes of the hub and all the spaces in-between. Historic Pub or Restaurant as ½ way turn-around point, (Three and out rule, no tom-foolery please).

With: Helmet, lights, reflective gear, water bottle is mandatory, inner tubes, tools, and compressed air are recommended; please do not show up without these items, you do not want to get stuck.

• 12-14mph or faster as the group determines.
• No first time riders, get your practice, your tone locally in your own neighborhood before you venture on out with us.
• Rain or shine dress prepared.

How: Pedestrians always have the right of way, let’s show the cars what they seem to have forgotten. We ride practicing ‘Group Participation’; a group ride is NOT a race. Practicing group, we become as one bubble flowing and feeling together sharing our combined good energy with the environment and the people around us.

• We ride on the right, side by side, two abreast only except in the case of passing.
• We obey all traffic signals and signs, leader makes call on pass thru at intersections as long as group remains one, if you are outside the bubble stop, look, and listen before you
pedal on thru…
• Our number one rule for safety on our rides is to communicate all the time. We call out all road hazards, we do use hand signals, and also supplement with plenty of verbal signals, pointing out glass, potholes, rail road tracks etc….
• One person will be leading the group and one designated person will follow making sure that we remain together and that all of us are a tight oval/bubble.
• You are responsible for the person behind you, if you do not see them stop, wait, and then head back along the same route just traveled as the rest of us will be coming to.
• When in doubt stop, do not turn, do not go left or right and get lost, please just wait and someone will come back and get you.

Liability/Disclaimers: We do not believe in accidents, while you are on a ride with us, you are completely responsible for how you show up in the moment, and or whether or not you choose to whip out, break your color bone (Lance), meet a car, sidewalk, tree, broken pavement or a fellow rider, which may result in numerous forms of lacerations, broken bone or bruises.

• Helmets lights and reflective gear are mandatory.
• You agree not to file a law suit as you are self aware and realize that we are not the bad guy, the rich guy, hoarders of wealth or part of the Materialistic Paradigm.
• We are neither your brother nor your keeper.
• You are reasonable for every moment that you experience while you are with us.
• Ride at your own risk, it is Detroit.

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