New Years Day Tradition 1/1/2011

Today’s ride marks our 4th annual New Year’s Day ride and what a way to start off the New Year! Matt was sluggish from his late night out so I decided to drive on over and pick him up whether he liked it or not. With dunker dunked on down, turning soft in coffee brown, we got Matt off his butt and motivated. While enjoying gut laughing words with his wife in kitchen bloom, the ole ‘Grappler’ dropped on down in his living room and gave the carpet 20 proper! What a faker.

All loaded up we rolled on down to meet up with Big Mike in the Prentis side Parking lot behind the MCB. We jumped up and cut west down the Green Alley and headed off into the wind crossing over the Lodge on the Canfield Overpass. We snaked our way playing attack back and forth all the way over to Grand Blvd. From there we turned towards the river and snaked our way on down to Riverside Park ending up next to the river watching the floating ice make it’s attack.

The stern cold steel retainer wall sluffed off the wood-be icy attack without even making a sound. Looking down into the waters whirling, we thought that today would not be a good idea to attempt a Polar Plunge! What was most astonishing was the beauty of the emptiness, no other humans could be found. The peace and calm of the mid day silence slices right on through. It was right about then that the Prophet Matthew showed up. For the next several hours he could not stop streaming about the beauty that no one gets to see, caught up in the suburbs filled with fears that keep them away, (man you cannot tell anyone this they just have to get it for themselves and today he got it loud and clear!).

From there we headed towards the city taking the path closets to the river. Railroad tracks were crossed, parks were entered, and the old Jefferson trail behind Composite Forging was rocked! Bombing the sidewalk trail cutting right in front of the Joe, we made our way down to the River Walk. Riding in a form of dancing–sway, back and forth, we swooped all the way to the Ren-Cen. Up and back on down again we sprinted off with the wind at our backs all the way down past the Carrousel and through the new DNR Park on our way to the Dequindre Cut.

Up the cut with no one around the three old pals clowned around and in the end Matt was crowned. Up the hill next to Gratiot, the early morning faker won the race! He decided to celebrate his achievement by putting his toes up on one of the industrial sized Parking Bumpers set/dumped in disorderly fashion and gave the travelers a show, of decline push up passion. A fine looking Detroit Police Woman stopped to enjoy/take in the show, then it was time to go. With the showing done, the crowed slipped away as we made likewise traveling through Eastern market on to enjoy the rest of our day.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer