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03/11/2012 The LaSalle trail down to Cork town:

What a beautiful morning! We met up at Palmer Park and jumped on one of our new favorite LaSalle Blvd to enjoy a leisurely ride down to Cork town. It was really hard to believe but big Mike actually was relaxing? The first time I had seen this in quite a while. The goal was to arrive in time to see Jen run in the 5k race and perhaps stick around to enjoy the annual St. Patty Parade. Making it down was silent and peaceful. On Sunday morning it always is, no matter what street you find yourself on in our great city. Mike made a comment on how “good this part of the city feels” and thought it would be great to add this route to one or two of our scheduled rides this year.

Arriving around 10:00 a.m., way early, it was great to see some of the eventual 7000+ runners warming up in their green running shirts. No cars just people, Now We Getting Somewhere as Donkey would say. Mike made a quick call to his lovely wife Lisa seeing if she wanted to join us downtown? We headed back up to Honest Johns for a quick break and from there Mike headed north back to Palmer and onto his home. I spun about and headed back to Cork town in just enough time to see my Sister in Law, Kelly chug on by where Michigan Ave meets Trumbull; Go Sis!!!

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer

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