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7/09 Training Ride

For the first time I took out the diamond back mountain bike bought in 1993.  Nothing Trek makes can match it’s efficiency as the Italian made rims spin and spin and spin.  A warm and wonderful journey.  Kind of hot and sticky, so when you add in 4 sets of push ups on the way down it equals an immediate trip into the rest room.  So upon arrival at HJ’s I made a bee line for the restroom so that soap, water and paper towel could be used to clean up and not stink the place up!

 Steve Hoover and I celebrated his pending nuptials with a beaker full of Mr. ‘Smooth as Silk’.  From HJ’s headed onto the Motor-city Brewery were I enjoyed good conversation and the-glow of community were truth is spoken and judgement is left somewhere else.  Angelica was getting excited about her pending nuptials next week.  Ahh romance what a wonderful thing! 

Said my parting good byes and headed on North with a few more sets in mind I gave fitting tribute at Hero’s park and pushed-up until my arms failed. 

J. Meyers bike explorer


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