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Bigham Farms/Birmingham Trail Loop

June 23rd.  Blasted across Southfield Road, cutting the massive rush in half, no real close call just ripping fun.  Headed through Lathrup Village and by the Historic Mansion that burned to the ground last week.  With the smell of cinder still in the air I was wondering why no one had thought of a Lighting rod?  From there snaked over to the ‘Ridge’ trial.  Turning right onto Bell Road I headed North to Valley Crest drive.  Turning left and then left again down to the turn around on the right you will find the trail entry.  I was being followed a little to close by a revved up unsatisfied women when I made my dart into the trail entry.  Turning left I happened upon the slanting road trial and started my way down the hill, for those of us who have been there, the words oh shit came out of my mouth as I was standing up on the pedals ass back, no en-do please….

 Whipping along the rivers edge and across the DNR bridge I climbed my way out the other end.  At 12 mile road I turned east and slapped the pedals all the way down the sidewalk hill back to Bell Road once again.   You cannot believe that something like this is right here around the corner.

 Bike Detroit!

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