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50′ Bluff? in Metro Detroit?

Recently discovered and soon to be include on our trail loops we have discovered yet again Virgin Watershed Topography with 50′ plus bluffs, and a valley floor that has the largest collection of virgin trees I have ever seen in Michigan.  Tom, Sal, Jen, Sephera, Ted, Alex, Rebecca and Ellen all hiked the trail with us on Sunday morning 6/7.  All were mistified as to the grandure.  We have all witnessed the largest Sycamore that I have ever seen in the United States, along with a Tulip tree I hold to be the largest I have ever seen!  The Native White Oaks and Sugar Maples stand on their own as this place reminds me of a magaical Valley that you would find in New Zealand and not in Metro Detroit.  The river Rouge clean up cleared the trails for our bikes so who ever wants to come join us for the first Bingham Farms/Birmingham trail loop later on this month…..

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