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Thursday night ride take 2

Lasr night with the threat of rain looming, coupled with an air of something angry or dark about town, it turned out to be a solo exploration ride.  I headed West and explored the South side of I-94.  Peolple have no idea just how far the latin quarter/Mecican town extends out from the Bagley and 96.  It was near dearborn I decided to head north through a mixed bag of Architecture.  Central have is a mix of industry and fractured nieghborhoods partitioned by both I-94 and 96.  As I explored the South side of the I-96 coridoor I encounterd numerious Arts and Craft pieces, some magnificent Art Deco gems and a few Victorian pieces intermixed.  Weaving in and out makeing mental notes I ended up on Forset Ave and high tailed it on over to the Motor City Brewery.  Had a great talk with Joh and Dan as we discussed the new raised vegtable garden across from mario’s on Second Ave.  I wonder if the people who built that know about wholminized wood?  Couple that with the petrolum based black liner and you have a somewhat toxic garden.  i would not eat vegtables out of any of those beds as leaching is sure to be an issue.

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