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Thursday Night Ride Take 1

5/14/09 What fun.  The whole city was a-buzz with the new bike trail opening the D-cut was in bloom.  Poped in the Green Garage to see part of the presentation of the proposed Bike infrastructure.  Wow what a dream come true.   We had a Gal come in from Chicago to join us on the ride.  7 of us headed out including Dan from Motor-City-Brewery and made our first ride.  We stopped at the Hiedelberg Project for some push ups and photo’s then onto Belle Isle.  The good weather had the car drivers mucking up the place with Spring fed amped up driving energy, which made it hard to cross over the road via the white lines.  What ever, we made a partial loop and got the hell out as Marky Mark would say.  Down on the waterfront and over to Andrews bar for a cold one.  It was there that the Gal from chi-town said, “no way in hell could you rid ebikes like that in her city!”  So Haaaaaa we have something the rest of the big cities don’t have so lets use it for our enjoyment and bring people here because of it!!!  Anyway’s finished up at HJ’s and it felt like we were all on Vacation and we did not have to schedule the time off nor drive a car to get there!

Bike Detroit!

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