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Intial trail ride

5/12/09 Today was the day I decided to ride the mountain bike thru the awaiting muck so as to garner how well our winter efforts were when it came to actual bike riding.  The Southfield/oak Park section was muddy but fun.   There was one are that i did turn around on because to go any further would have been a slippery mud bath.  Cutting through the streets I arrived at the second trail section near the corner of 9 and evergreen, wonderful on the way in but…. as I was starting to sink in one of the mud boggs I stood up to put some heavey down pressure, picked up a stick and snapped my derailure in two!!!!  No phone I hoofed it  back home and four miles later said to my wife that I enjoyed the walk.  Long and the short of it is we still need to do more work out in the woods so riders beware…


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