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June 11th Thursday Night Ride

The rain was feeling good, that is of course if you have the proper gear!  REI has everything you need to empower you to make bike riding an example of will and intent.  Far too often people choose to hold the weather in such a way so as to have it stop them from living their dream, or practicing a balanced healthy life, this night was no different. Departed from Honest Johns up to Motor City Brewery to see if Dan was still going to come out on the ride?  He had said last time that he never really explored the west side of
Detroit.  Keeping to that view I headed do west, snaking my way over the lodge looking for the Canfield trail.  Snaking back and forth through some industrial ruins, I happened onto Military and

Dragoon Street

just west of the old fort trail, better known as Livernois. I started to dream and imagine what life was like back in the days of the grand old fort and the development that headed north along the old fort trail.  There is an interesting collection of architecture that becomes older and better made almost on a block to block basis.  The old fields must had been planted with orchards and grains as the original Cattle farms were out towards what is know called ‘Southfield’ at least up until the invention of freeways which lead to urban sprawl and the ruining of our localized agricultural infrastructure.Anyways….  back onto

Military Street

.  Underneath the massive tracks that head west from the Grand Central Station there is a closed down tunnel bridge above

Military Street

.It looks and felt like another dark doorway, left from behind, when the corruption was in full purple gloom.  A “equilateral” cut through a chain link fence, four seconds in, four seconds-breath out in front of me, ignited I ventured in.  Narrow to narrow four corridors accompanied by two opposing sidewalks.  The lanes are so small, made for another time, that no modern day car, unless you are ‘Smart’ could ever venture there, but on bike way cool if you dare?  After what seemed like a hundred yards I came through back into the light through the triangle opening.  A behemoth chop shop fork life met me there, intimidating destruction energy-stare-streamed?  Without talking simply painted a view that sewed? “I am just a bike explorer, no judgment no harm”?  Without a word he said go on thru…Flew on down to the old Jefferson Trail and Headed South West to Kovak’s bar, (north side of the road, west of the Fort, East of Zug Island Bridge), anyways the place is circa. 1887, has an original map of the ‘

Village of
Delray” The one Matty Moroon is currently painting with his view? Go Cost Guard, (Jen thinks you guys are Hot ;-).  There you will find an old regular fellow still on the trail he invented decades ago… Ma Kovak 65+ still keeps the doors open holding onto to her dreams of memories when the place was a historic dance hall were big bands used to play.  The ‘Locals’ would come on in every day and during dance weekends play and play and play.  Remember back in a day when communities were alive and not displaced by the cars that drove them away?  A place were good advice is still dispensed by a wise old woman, well lit and true, who has lived enough to somehow become a door and can transcend that which consumes you, ready to let it go-grow-goa?  A few Labatt blue lights, and we were saying are good byes.  I have promised her that we will comedown someday with our kids in tow and that when there are more people on bikes we will come again.From there on back up and over to Motor City Brew to meet up with J.P. Rasta.  An organic fellow, to talk about the rebirth of Urban Agriculture in the City, Bio-Intensive Farming Cost and when in the hell was he going to go on a bike ride?J. Meyers bike explorer


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