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Southfield Trails

June 16th was our first scheduled Trail ride,  Mat6t showed up at 5:25 and we waited for others until 5:40 then we were oft.  Over the pedestrian bridge @ 696 we entered into our first trail section and discovered a few more Ash had fallen down across so we had to portage just once.  On Thur over the the 9 and evergreen system.  Back in there for 20 min. going up down and through all of the trails that took us so long this Spring to clean up what fun.  From there took the back roads up to the sidewalk at 9 and Lahser.  Snaked South on Berg and turned right on the first street.  From there headed West and crossed over telegraph at the turnaround.  On the bike trail we headed to an area South of 9 mile behind McArthur Elementary school.  This area is located behind Lear Corp world head quarters and is the first of the areas that has virgin watershed topography.  Got back into it and encountered numerous Ash trees recently blown down across the trail. This place needs another Ranger Run prior to bringing a group back.  form there headed north to 9 mile and then went west bound over Beach road and down and up the hill to the  Ravine’s sub.  Snaked through and entered into the Carpenter Lake Rec Area for some good trail fun.  After a good loop we headed back to nine mile and East from there.  Crossing over Beach to the first street being McAllister.  Turning North on up to Larkens we headed East, past a stop sign and just before you enter into Eisenhower elementary school you will see what looks like a gravel drive on your right.  Hung a right and went down about 200′ and you will see the trail entry on your left.  Entered in and did a fun and fast loop all clear.

From there headed East through the elementary school parking lot and through the fence tunnel that leads to Kinsel.  Turned left on Kinsel and headed north to 10 mile.  Crossed over at 10 and headed through the old Telex plaza parking lot onto the sidewalk in front of Meriwether’s then down into the fast snake that runs along the rouge river and allows fo safe passage under telegraph road.  Took the trial along the East side of the river, under civic center drive we held to the rivers edge and crossed back over the river on the pedestrian bridge.  Took that trail all the way up to 696 and turned back around behind the retirement complex and up along the bike path running south of civic center drive.  Into the City of Southfield Civic Center area we made our way to the nature trails.  $ big ash have fallen and block the path extensively.  We thought about turning around but hiked on over and through until we found the easement trail that leads back into Southfield Lathrup.  Crossed Southfield Road and said our good bye’s 29 miles later are buts were kicked.  Need some more trimming then it will be smooth sailing from there.

 J. Meyers bike explorer

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