Jens back out on the Trail! 12/22/09

Finally Jen was inspired to get back up on the bike and ride on out to the ridge to enjoy the new route we discovered earlier on in the year.  For those of you who are friends or have been following along, Jen has been preoccupied with the manufacturing of 2 magnificent children, (Sephera and Raphael) for the past 2 years and has been hit or miss on our bike rides.  But today we celebrated our reunion of sorts. 

With the new snow on the ground and the streets well covered we put away the Felt and pulled down from the rafters the old Trek 4500 mountain bike that literally started our relationship all those years ago.  With layers upon layers we moved somewhat stiff legged-ly onto our bikes and out on to the side walk.  Crossing Southfield road at Lincoln we snaked our way through Lathrup Village once again and made our way out to the Ridge.

The naked Forest and snow covered hills made us both smile as we realized how special our life was and delighted in what we both have work so hard to create.  As the chill started to set in we turned around and made our way back home laughing and enjoying the rhythm of the peddles and the knobby Hum singing its tune.

Bike Metro Detroit Trails!

J & J Meyers bike explorers

The first true test of Winter 12/04/2009

Bike riding for me has been an arena of application, a metaphor of sorts, as a test of mind over matter, especially when it comes to riding in December.  Today’s Journey was to be no different.  With the temperatures just hovering at 30 degrees I broke out some of the REI gear I have collected over the years and decided to Mountain bike down to the city once again.

The past few months I have been preoccupied with the concept of speed rather than enjoyment of the road, or in today’s case, the trail less traveled.   With full winter snowmobile gloves on my hands I first took to the trail south off of Lincoln and just east were Pierce Street would have been if 696 had not been constructed.  In, over, up and down I made my way through this little trail section prior to jumping back on the side walk trail which leeds through the Parks above those large tunnel expanses associated with the I-696 freeway.

Crossing over Greenfield then again Coolidge I forgot how much fun this up and down little burner can be!  Crossing over 696 via Scotia I snake through the neighborhoods down onto Livernois 1 block north of 8 mile.  Crossing over and a quick left I was back in Sherwood Forest smiling and having fun! Turning left on seven mile I made may way past the road park entry of Palmer Woods and headed onto the asphalt trail that flows into the forest. 

Inside of Palmer Woods Forest, original Oak stands can be found along with some unadulterated watershed topography.  Something special that can never be seen while in your car on Woodward Ave. or golf cart if you are playing on the public course nearby.  I slowed down to notice numerous trails that have been forgotten and blocked off by the falling ash trees.  This winter we will be spending some time opening up the mountain bike/hiking trails once again for all to enjoy.

Out of the park and onto Third Ave I started to head southeast once again down into the heart of the city.  This time I started to explore the railroad tracks and alleys that did not look like flat tire city, so as to see if I could really create an all off road trial adventure ride in and out of the city, (more of this will be published in our upcoming map sections real soon).  I plan on hitting the trails again with the Ranger and the GPS Mapping unit mounted up so that we can shoot video and record the map simultaneously.

Once at my turn around destination I had to shed all my layers and let them dry out before I could even think about the journey home.  Boots off as well, I rubbed my left toes back into warm shape enjoying some cider and ice waters while I slowly started to warm up.  The journey home included fingers and hands coiled up into a fist inside my gloves upon the handlebars as it took a while to get the body up to being warm.

The pushes up stops were not dreaded as they usually are.  This time they were used as warming stations on the various point’s in-between.      Once home it took my core a good hour to come back up to a normal temperature as I reflected on what additional layers to wear next time.  No matter the time of day, weather it by night or day, nor if the skies are sunny, warm cloudy or Gray, a ride is just one good decision away!

Bike Detroit

J. Meyers bike explorer

Chasing the Sun 12/01/2009

Chasing the Sun was on my mind as I left the office early to enjoy what would probably be the last warm day of the year.  With a smile and a kiss goodbye I was off once again down to the city that I have come to love.  Today’s ride was going to be without my usual pushups as I was more interested in a time trial of sorts.  Pushing into the face of the wind I did my best to keep it under 55 minutes as I made it to the Brewery for some Cider and good conversation with Dan.

The past few weeks we have been getting favorable responses from various city officials on our ROI Urban Farm concept.  We spoke at length about what we would grow and what Dan wanted to experiment with their upcoming Spiritus compositions.  What heartfelt excitement and joy towards a subject that we both have been involved with for very a long time.  With forth coming emails to continue our exchange I said good bye to John and Dan and started the journey back home again.

With the Southern wind at my back I sailed home in just under 49 minutes.  This is my best time yet.

Bike Detroit!

J. Meyers bike explorer

A Different Type of Ride: 11/25/09

There have been a few ‘Bike’ rides during the month of November, most of which were typical rides downtown along similar routes as I have mentioned earlier.  The past two weeks I have been on a different ride, another kind of ride altogether.  In conjunction with the Dr. David Cotton Family, Health Plan of Michigan, Greening of Detroit, and the Artist of Historical Courtyards and Gardens, I was afforded an opportunity to be an instrument of profound good will and intent.  For a past few weeks I donated my time and took a mini-excavator ride up and down Jefferson Ave., from Alter to I-375 and back again.  A slow moving journey, an instrument of application and a chance for a great field study.  The Jefferson Ave Re-Forestation Tree Project is still under way, contact greening of Detroit if you have time to help.There are rhythms or currents associated with various intersections and points along this trail can only be perceived on the pedestrian level.  Even if you ride your bike slow down to and reach out with your feelings some day and see what you perceive.  Past the Dequindre cut, next to the woodshop on the way to the Belle Isle Bridge, you will find another cut.  An old rail line that use to feed the warehouse district from the river as the Dequindre cut once did back 1890’s.  During a break in digging cycles I took a hike on down to the softwood tree infested trail.  This would make an excellent mountain biking and hiking trail; I will be back to hike and perhaps clear one day during our upcoming winter trail work.Owen Park is a Gem that is invisible unless you are participating-moving-experiencing on a pedestrian level.  If not you will never have a chance to see the Owen Park from a car on Jefferson Ave.  Owen Park was donated to a City by on early history family and was a historic Ribbon Farm back in its day.  Sloped Virgin watershed topography is still reminiscent of its original rhythm and form.  Hi slanting slopes and embankments to the side funnel the cold air to the center for venting down to the lake side.  There is no more perfect place in our area to grow an Orchard or Urban Farm. This was the staging area for the tree planting project.  You have to look hard as no formal Kerb Cut exist. An old country like road leads down to a sidewalk and break wall where many a fishermen spend time practicing their art.Erma Henderson Park, almost next door is a beauty as well.  Old trees, Historic Architecture in the form of a restroom, wide expanse for games and events, ample parking, low cut waterside rail, entry and view.  Along the South East Sidewalk, Conner to Terminal there has been for the past several years a piece of sidewalk that was left on top of the usable space of sidewalk, across the way from a iron street lamp. 

Three years ago, December my good man Peter Frowley was on one of our impromptu Thursday night rides, hit this piece of concrete and ‘Endo-ed’ hard and had to pick glass out of his bottom for a week.  We found this section once again, scraped hard all of the weeds, cement sidewalk and dirt in-between, loaded it all up, including this chunk of concrete, and took it off to the recycling center.  I called Pete from the excavator at 7:30 in the morning, laughing hard.  He thanked me, for everyone else.  The next week the rain had washed away what was left and the surface almost looked shinny and new.


Get out of your car, slowdown, excavate re-new.  Bike DetroitJ. Meyers  bike explorer

Bay Harbor to Harbor Springs 11/06/09

A Northern trip was in order to shut down the camp site for the winter and take in the sights of the ‘Naked Forest’.  I loaded up the mountain bike and headed north with hopes of checking out the finish of the Ice Man race that Andy and Jim from Beat The Train had entered.  The warm Southern wind greeted me as I stepped out of the suv and into the meadow of wild oats.  Ahhhhh up north once again!  There is something magical about the forest.  I call it an instant snap to the moment.  The energy the silence the clarity!  The Wild Wood Pathway is just 150 yards from our land and as tempting as it was I made a fire and started on with the chores of camp deconstruction.  I finished up around 4:00 and headed into Petoskey and onto the trail head parking lot in Bay Harbor.

During the past few years the folks at Emmett County have spent a small fortune finishing off the improvements and repairs to the old railroad grade trail that runs along Little Traverse Bay.  This evening was my first chance to shred this new pathway over to Harbor Springs and Back.  The trail is breathtaking as it overlooks the bay on one side with a steep embankment on the other.  There are a few parking areas with benches and tables that afford the participants a chance to rest, relax or just take it all in.

Slicing by the water treatment plant the trail jogs a bit and then returns to some fun twisty swizzelineee curves and roundabouts as you make your way over the Bear River on through to the waterside park.  Traveling on the trail becomes a sidewalk that leads along US 31 for most, not for me.  I sniffed out the old railroad grade as it ducks behind Bay view and continues along the edge of the water were I stopped and gave the northern sky 20 proper.  It is grass and more of a trial lawn expanse than a sidewalk, wide and fun.  Making my way behind the Bay View Inn the trail arch’s towards the Petoskey State Park.  On the left there is a little opening/entry and one hell of a sand trap waiting for you as you enter into the back side of the Park.  Curving through the park I made my way back out to the bike path that runs parallel to M-119.

Turning left on beach road I made my way through a winding dark forest area onto Pennsylvania Ave.  Another quick left and I was at the water’s edge looking at the historical homes of Wequetonsing I ripped my way into Harbor Springs feeling a bit cold from the wind.  I stopped at the Bar Harbor.  The owner tells me that a bar had been at this corner as long as the town had been alive.  Presently he has been the owner for some 29 years.  Taking off my layers so that they could dry out I ordered a beer to go with my ice water.  A Harp draft and some rubbing of my face to warm the chilled surface, a fellow asked “Bike Detroit?” “What are you doing way up here?”  I told him that I was enjoying the view and exploring on a Friday night, which seems to have become my pattern now that our organized Thursday night rides were over.  Three beers down to go along with the two Ice waters and I was ready for the return trip back around the Bay.

The return journey was wonderful!  Quite Dark and with the wind it felt like I was soaring even though my two wheels were stuck to the ground.  Made it back to my point of origin loaded up and was on my way. 

Bike Michigan!

J. Meyers bike explorer

Beat the Train Farewell 10/31/09

Two up Mountain Bike Coed Rocket Ship!!!  I will get back to that in a moment.  The Transit Connect Van was perfect for bike bringing just as I had thought!  A perfect family vehicle I must say, especially for those fellow bikers who have lots of gear.

With the wind a howling, (perfect for the howl-in- weenie) 40 plus riders showed up For Andy’s last scheduled ride of the season.  Costumes a few and lots of pictures of the group taken, we started off to the ‘Burial Mound’ located near the river on the Fort Grounds.  Common History suggests that it is an ‘Indian’ Burial Mound; the fact is that this could not be further from the truth.  ‘Burial Mounds’ as they are common referred, are in turn markers of line vortexes, hubs or energy portals.  Sometime they are used to signify a hub of intersecting lines similar to that of the spokes of a bicycle wheel.  There is a lot of History of our region that people simply do not know about, including Ley Line Vortices, or perhaps why the Fort was chosen to be built where it is etc…  A strange factoid that not many people are aware is that Detroit is the only other major US city whose master plan/street plan was designed by Master Masons for the purpose of harnessing and amplifying the regions energy currents and flows. As you probably are aware or have guessed, Washington D.C. is the other city to which I infer.  The St. Claire Family (for which our little great lake was named) was the primary family whose fortune funded the beginnings of the Knights Templar’s!  OK back to the ride…

Exiting out onto Jefferson the group moved with the wind like effortless kites in the breeze Spring March sky.  Through the Darkness the Group slid along well rehearsed paths, finding our way East, back to the city center.  A few fellows broke out away from the group as the temptation of the 25-30 mph tail winds were just too hard to ignore.

The group reassembled in front of the Cobo Roof parking ramp, Andy Staub let out the call and the chase-climb began!  Up around the Helix, people were all flowing up at various rates of speeds and commitments, back down around the slippery when wet slope, Andy called for a second climb to begin, many chose to join in on take two.  As we all paused to catch our breath after the second ascent Andy S. took a moment to thank the group and to share his love for all, a true heartfelt moment, al-be-it 7:00 a.m. in the windy morning and pitch dark.

From there on it was down to the river front for a relaxed peddle over to the Carousel for a bathroom break and a set a pushups while big Mike did some Yoga stretching.  After all were once again assembled we headed off for Belle Isle.  The Posturing began on Jefferson Ave.  Positions were being staged at the entrance onto The Belle Isle access road.  This is where the Coed team on the Tandem Mountain Bike made their first move slicing up to the front group.  At mid way over the bridge people started to build up speed and took what they had back into the wind at the first turn.  A Roadie and the Dynamic Coed Tandem Duo Rocket Ship went first with Andy Erickson making his move as well, the game was afoot!

As I came around the corner the wind hit me like a ton of bricks all most stopping me cold in my tracks, (what I would have given to be 5’8” 160!) As I finally came back around full circle and once again aided by the immense tail wind it took ½ of the overall riverside portion of the Belle Isle boundary road to Catch Andy E.  It happened when he let off his peddles, only for a second, raising his feet up his to go through the puddle that nearly covered the entire road.  Try as I might I simply could not reel in the head riders, (this is the time I usually start thinking about 29” rims verses 26”???).  No matter what the group, what the day or what the event, the dynamic tandem coed duo and the Roadie who went with, could not be caught. 

As we came aback round and into the wind Andy E. said hello as he went back on bye on to join the Roadie who saw him coming, from there on it was a wind fight all the way back to the bridge.  As we came down and stopped at Tim Horton’s big Mike rolled up and said, “let’s get going, I all ready told Andy we would be breaking from the group’.  With that, coupled with the wind fight that was yet in store, we headed off.

The way back to the Fort was as I had thought Laborious.  Grin Bear it, pump it to you stump it.  Back in the Lot, bike up and in we were on our way back home again.  Hats off to Andy S. and the people who we have been privileged to met thus far.  True bike riders, without preconceived notion or fear, true Detroiters!  Bike Detroit.

J. Meyers

Fall out at the Ridge 10/20/2009

With the inclusion of the ‘Ridge’ in our Birmingham trail loop, we who were in attendance all agree, you can drive out to Stony or head over to Island Lake or even make your way up to Pontiac Lake but why drive a car when you can get perhaps even a better work out rip-in-it local-urban-style?

In honor of Matt, (who thinks counter clockwise) we decided to do this ride in ‘Reverse’.  The uphill climb into Birmingham is a great way to warm up, five miles and then its trail time! Turning left just before Maple we slid across Southfield Road and down the grassy embankment, over the bridge and through the woods, following the Rouge River Watershed.

This way that way, up down colors in full tune, paintings of fall filled every room.  As we made our way through and down the drive way of a wonderful homeowner we entered into the west side of the Beverly Hills Water treatment plant area.  Say what you want rippers, butt until you have rode this trail you will never know how tight, twisty challenging it is.  Class 4, with a hairpin, if not careful you can end up in the river real quick. 

As we made our way up into the meadow at the bottom ‘Y’ turn a BMX’er put a ramp if you head straight I saw it shouted out but big Mike hit it and went down hard,  A little bit of Blood and a 2 minute on the ground recovery we were up again catching our breath.  In usual fashion he stated that we might as well do a set of push-ups, we all obliged his request.. 

From there out onto Evergreen we ripped down to 13 then jumped East and hit the sidewalk South to 12 mile.  We stopped midway between to see a beautiful sight.  A red tailed Hawk had just killed a squirrel no more than 20’ in front of us just off to the side of the sidewalk.  Taking in the site, pedestrians coming north did not see him in time and spooked him.  He took off to the West, flying low he almost got hit by a car 3’ sooner and he would have been a goner.

Along the South side of 12 mile the 8’ wide pedestrian path is great, it allows for side by side jostling and bullshit. Up and down and then down again we entered into the Old Berberian Estate, across the DNR bridge and into the woods we started the long sweeping climb up the ridge road.  Shouting at us was a big ol owl whos who could be heard all the way up to the top.  At the top we all dismounted and caught our breath.  My legs were swollen and throbbing at a level I have not felt in well over a year.

From there it was back snaking through the neighborhoods of Southfield and then into Lathrup Village and for some onto Pierce back to their homes.  Again Bike hard, Fast and Fun without having to get in your Car to drive there first… Bike Detroit!!!

J. Meyers bike explorer

p.s. Beat the Train Final Ride Tomorrow Morning.

Farewell to Thursday 10/01/09

Every Thursday night this year has been a vacation.  A chance to unplug and let go of all of it each and every time I mounted my bike.  Last night was no different.  Ted Canaday from Firesign Creative was along to enjoy his first bike Detroit ride.  Growing up in Indian Village he told me that they never really had bikes as kids for they were always getting stolen? Starting at Honest Johns we had a good talk with a staff photographer from the Detroit News, who just so happened to have taken a picture of the Cottonwood tree that took out the Lafayette tower building.  I had read the article earlier in the day and was struck by the tone of the commentary.  No matter what Man creates, if left unchecked nature will take it back.  For those of you who do not know the roots from this aggressive weed tree put holes in the roof which in turn lead to the ultimate demise of the building.  Anyways back to the ride.Heading up to Canfield we turned East passing four of the oldest churches in the city we made our way to Mt. Elliot and Headed South to St. Paul.  St. Paul was fun in so much that the street is pretty bad and more like a mountain bike trail than a city street.  St. Paul goes straight for only so long then dead ends forcing you to ratchet down south to pick up the road again.  Finally we made it across Jefferson and down and onto Freud Street.  Turning left we went all the way until the dead end.  Turning left we crossed back over Jefferson onto Vernor.  At Vernor street we turned right and went to the first block past Alter and turned left making our way to Charlevoix left again and on the right you will find the Old Tap Room circa 1910.  This place has an annual end of Prohibition party May 10th every year, Zoot suits and flapper dresses can be found all around during that annual celebration.  Some folks believe that they have the best beer selection in the entire city.  From what I have seen I would be hard pressed to disagree.  Good conversation had by all, old wooden floors and free Peanuts and shells scattered all over the ground, my kind of place!  From there we held true to Charlevoix street and made our way West cutting through the neighborhoods we made our way out to Mack.  Up and over the rail road over pass bridge down through the light we turned left onto the first block and made our way to Goethe Street.  Like St. Paul this street goes for awhile dead ends and then ratchets right to be found again.  We went past South Eastern Technical High School where the original classic portion of the old school is conjoined with a modern class piece which makes for a interesting marriage?  The football field and track is well done as groups of kids were walking and talking everywhere.  It never ceases to amaze me as to how dis-arming a simple hello can be…  Cutting through the emptiness and meadow sounds, Ted commented on how the East side really could be reinvented into an agricultural place.Back onto Mt. Elliot we made our way North to Canfield and turned left to head back to mid-town.  Four blocks in we stopped so that Ted could get his water out and ck his phone for messages form Charli his wife.  I asked him to listen closely to the Meadow Sound.  Lathrup Village bisected by 696 and Southfield Hwy could never sound so good unless that is it is 3:00 a.m. on a Sunday-Monday morning.  I told him this would be a lace that I would sleep real good!  Enjoying the Choir of nature.  Only two cars passed us along this way as we made our way back to Woodward and then on to Honest Johns.Ted Never had a bike growing up and does not ride his Huffy but once a month at best.  None the less the guy flowed 12-14mph for 20 miles and had a great time doing it.  If Ted can you can to as it is all really just a conversation in our head after all. Bike Detroit! Jim Meyers bike explorer.

Jim and Jen welcome Raphael

Today I take the keyboard for my buddy Jim who’s resting after a long evening and night with Jen welcoming Raphael into this world.  Details on the delivery and the baby’s measurables is forthcoming.  To the future bike rider – Happy Birthday!

 Jim would want me to comment on our ride this weekend with the gang at “Beat the Train”.  Jim encouraged me to come along with a few guys he met at the Tour DeTroit (as noted in the last blog), rising at 5 AM to down a coffee and truck to Old Fort Wayne, i was a little nervous about how long/fast this group would roll.  Immediately on arrival the head of the pack – Andy was loud and proud welcoming new comers and raffling off some goodies before mounting up and heading out about 6:45 am. 

 Rolling through Mexican town the pack was off to cut the morning chill.  After 15 minutes of hard pedaling, we arrived at the Train Station to regroup (and shed that jacket).  The pace was fair, I was pushing a good sweat and felt comfortable with the group and my capabilities.  As we rolled into downtown, Single Speed Andy lead the group up the ramp to the Cobo Roof Top, heart beating 180 I crested the last turn with heaving lungs and burning calves to turn around and wisk our way down the ramp again to street level.  Lead Dog Andy was kind enough to pass directions to a driver of old D metal, the group took a breath and headed off to the River Front.  The water was glass on the river, no big winds to help or hinder our pace.  As we blew by the GM HQ/Ren Cen, Jim called out some push-ups at the bike shop break point – up and down; up and down – great to be alive.  From the bike shop the group headed out on the biggest run – up to Belle Isle and around.  As I hit the top of the bridge, I noticed SS Andy pulling ahead and decided to make a chase; picking my momentum, I pushed at full tilt turning up river.  SS Andy had no problem reeling me in, chatting a couple of minutes – then off he went.  A few other guys (including Jim from the Tour) joined up and the 4 of us crushed the rest of the loop, over the bridge and to Tim Horton’s to take a break.  Collecting the crowd, we headed for Indian Village and over to the Heidelberg project.  A few push-ups later and the decision was taken by Big Jim and me to break-off from the group to call it a day (unfortunately didn’t set the right timing expectations with my lovely wife).  All in all the BTT was a great group of riders and certainly will bring me back a few more times before the snow flies.

Tour De Troit 09/19/09

The highlight of the day was not the English Proper 100 miles I was after. Nor was it the gratification of accomplishing my goal. The true highlight of the day belonged to Jim Senska and Andy Erickson from the bike group based out of Old Fort Wayne, called Beat The Train. Without those fine fellows my dream and goal would not have been met.

The first 20 miles were chilly on the way down I kept telling myself, take it easy, save up for later. Big toes froze in Keen Sandals I did my best to warm up in the sunlight lawn at the starting point. I met a group of people who came in from Ypsilanti to do the ride they had read about only a few days prior. Blare Horn called the metric century ride to order in front the old hotel which probably closed back in the early 70’s by the look of things. Circling to keep my legs warm the ride began precisely at 9:45. As we began a ‘Roadie’ noticing my unorthodox wear barked that the ‘Other Ride was Over There’ and added, “what are you doing”? To that my reply was attempting an English 100 Proper, with 20 miles in so far how bout you? A moment of silence ensued as one of his group said, “Ya, were did you ride in from”? Latrhup Village says I and that was the end of it. After a few street turns and the ramped up energy of shaved leggs all around, I noticed two fellows about 100 yards up. I stepped hard and joined them.

Meet Andy and Jim! These boys can flat out fly no doubt about it. Jim was on a slightly modified hard tail mountain bike and Andy was riding Mountain Bike proper with Knobies to boot. I kept my distance at first so as not to suck there wind in typically roadie fashion, as we made our way past the old fort and into Dearborn that is when the good conversation began.

I learned that they were already well into their ride which was in fact a Beat The Train ride that had left earlier that morning with plans of joining the Tour. We made our way onto Hamilton and started to talk and open up a bit. As we went by the first water break stop it was not even open? We pushed on and made our way North, then East and then West again. Turning down Jos Compau we headed South through the heart of Hamtramck.

Onto Grand Blvd and heading towards Belle Isle my legs started to cramp as I was out of water. These fine fellows waited as I darted into the Marathon gas station to refill on the H2O from there it was on to the Belle Isle bridge. We started to see a few groups of people that had broken out and away from the smaller tour, hellos all around we made it to the tent to the left of the bridge. Piles upon Piles of People, lines upon lines, what an absolute incredible sight to behold. Watch out bikes everywhere it was amazing.

My new found friends decided not to wait in the lines as we headed off across the lawn and over Jefferson to the gas station. Filling up with water and aid we headed back across the bridge for our Belle Isle loop. Jim took off ahead and sliced that back side wind like butter, I trailed Andy all the way around as we made our way at the half way point Jim was off his bike in plenty enough time to shoot some pictures as Andy and I rolled on bye. With the wind in by back I switched up to the big Sprocket-wheel and aired it out the easy way, with the wind!. All together once again we headed across the bridge with Jim taking up the lead again.

Down and over we had a near collision with a mid age Women on her bike who did not think to cross the road by looking both ways first? Maybe her upset was our fault but… she blurted, “what and the hell do you think you are doing”, to that my reply was that, “we were on the other one…” as we went on by. The Karma Gods immediately took notice of my quip and promptly gave me a flat tire. Pulling off Jefferson onto the side walk Jim came flying back around and Insisted that he help me? I just met the guy and he would not leave a new brother behind?  Andy was up the way a bit as he broke out ahead waiting on us he decided to call to see if everything was ok?  After not having a flat in three years I thought the one Tube and Compressed air cartridges I brought would be more than enough, at least that was what I had thought..?

Pressing on we made our way East on Jefferson and through onto Freud Street, into Indian Village and onto the Heidelberg. Flat number two, shit! Andy was quite Hungry and gave me a heavy dose of shit about his belly and what hungers him. Jim without a moments pause reached into his pack and gave me a spare tube as Andy helped by offering up another cartridge of compressed air, in essence saving my ass yet again.

From there we made our way through he rest of the route and back to the starting point. With longer than long lines standing before us they decided to take my offer and join me at Motor City Brewery for food and beer. Turning off the service drive, pothole and pinch flat number three! Damn. It was Andy’s turn to take his wife’s spare tube out of his pack and the remainder of his compressed air and offer it up without hesitation. A little more razzing (well deserved) we were finally off to the Brewery for Cheese Boards and Great Pizza and a few Organic Beers. While we were eating another fine fellow from the Beat The Train group showed up as he had been on the phone with Andy earlier, without a second to lose he said, “Oh you must be Jim the guy that likes to flat out a lot”? I love it!!! Bring it as it was beautiful. We welcomed him with a small glass of beer and he in turn walked me out to his car to give me more compressed air so I could make it the rest of the way home and complete my goal and dream.

Without the fine fellows from Bike The Bridge I would not have made it. At every turn they were there willing to help, slapping the peddles hard, not judging and giving fair amounts of ribbing and shit, as needed/deserved. From the Brewery on home I smiled often at the memory of those two fine fellows.   I made one stop at Heroes Park and gave the ground 33, it was all I had left…. Bike Detroit!

J. Meyers bike explorer