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Jens back out on the Trail! 12/22/09

Finally Jen was inspired to get back up on the bike and ride on out to the ridge to enjoy the new route we discovered earlier on in the year.  For those of you who are friends or have been following along, Jen has been preoccupied with the manufacturing of 2 magnificent children, (Sephera and Raphael) for the past 2 years and has been hit or miss on our bike rides.  But today we celebrated our reunion of sorts. 

With the new snow on the ground and the streets well covered we put away the Felt and pulled down from the rafters the old Trek 4500 mountain bike that literally started our relationship all those years ago.  With layers upon layers we moved somewhat stiff legged-ly onto our bikes and out on to the side walk.  Crossing Southfield road at Lincoln we snaked our way through Lathrup Village once again and made our way out to the Ridge.

The naked Forest and snow covered hills made us both smile as we realized how special our life was and delighted in what we both have work so hard to create.  As the chill started to set in we turned around and made our way back home laughing and enjoying the rhythm of the peddles and the knobby Hum singing its tune.

Bike Metro Detroit Trails!

J & J Meyers bike explorers


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