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Farewell to 2009 12/31/09 send off

The tradition has been to do our ride downtown the morning of the New Year but this year we decided that we should get our ride in before the year was over.  Big Mike came down from the hills once again as the roads around our place were less encumbered with the fluffy white stuff.  We had no set course in mind only that the trip made it south of 8mile for as long as we were able.

Drifting through familiar trails we ended up on Livernois and crossed over 8 mile and headed once again into Sherwood Forest me Ladies!  A few hearty folks were out taking a walk through the neighborhood and greeted us with a warm happy new year as our garb and action took them a bit by surprise.

Finding our way into Palmer Park once again by the time the ‘Y’ in the road was upon us I asked big Mike what he thought about taking 3rd all the way down and in.  I am glad he said what I had been thinking since entering into the Park, as the 10 miles behind us was already having its effect on the chilling of certain surfaces associated with our forms.

With Third and Second Avenue gone bye-bye we stayed on the main Park road arching on through the green light that allows for a flow through onto North bound Woodward.  We took an immediate right and headed over to John R to see if the Dakota Inn was open to receive a couple of cold ass adventures? Nope.

Flipping a ‘U’ we made our way back out onto North bound Woodward and slapped the peddles hard past seven mile onto Ralston Street making our way North to the new and improved Stone House.  Closed as well, darn, shucks s—t.  From there on we continued North to State Fair, made a left and turning right found ourselves back on Woodward heading north back across 8mile.  I thought to myself there must be some place in Ferndale that will be open?

On the West side of Woodward there is can be found Machpelah Cemetery.  I have always wanted to check-er-out, so freezing cold we crossed Woodward at the turn-a-round and made our way in.  Narrow cart paths for roads with 99% of the headstones facing East?  Interesting fact that I never knew, facing the east as the Muslims often do the departed avail themselves to the 6 open portals in hopes of gaining admission once the light has left the form.  Interesting, very interesting.

Leaving the Cemetery we turned left on the South bound side walk and made our way through the neighborhoods and onto Rosie O’ Grady’s.  Peeling off all of the layers so that they could be dry upon the return it took a good ½ hour to warm up again. From there we slapped um hard and took the sidewalk trail that runs in conjunction with 696.  Once back home again a fond fair thee well was shared as we turned home towards our families to welcome in the New Year.

Bike Detroit!

J. Meyers bike explorer


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