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Chasing the Sun 12/01/2009

Chasing the Sun was on my mind as I left the office early to enjoy what would probably be the last warm day of the year.  With a smile and a kiss goodbye I was off once again down to the city that I have come to love.  Today’s ride was going to be without my usual pushups as I was more interested in a time trial of sorts.  Pushing into the face of the wind I did my best to keep it under 55 minutes as I made it to the Brewery for some Cider and good conversation with Dan.

The past few weeks we have been getting favorable responses from various city officials on our ROI Urban Farm concept.  We spoke at length about what we would grow and what Dan wanted to experiment with their upcoming Spiritus compositions.  What heartfelt excitement and joy towards a subject that we both have been involved with for very a long time.  With forth coming emails to continue our exchange I said good bye to John and Dan and started the journey back home again.

With the Southern wind at my back I sailed home in just under 49 minutes.  This is my best time yet.

Bike Detroit!

J. Meyers bike explorer

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