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8/2/2012 Down River Run

Tonight’s ride was more about rolling and exercise than History or Nature for that matter. Tonight’s goal was to make it to the Speed Boat In down in Ecorse. It is kind of a funny little place known for its Friday Night Fish fry but what I like most about it is the old wooden cigarette boat sticking 1/2 out of the roof. Interesting sight.

Big Mike and his Blonde beauty Lisa made it down tonight and we decided to head across the pedestrian bridge and into Mexican town as a way to begin the ride. When we made it to Clark Park instead of taking the short way round I ditched to the North and rode into the Historic Park that I never really had been into before. The old buildings and architecture harkens back to the time of Detroit’s greatness from the early to the late 1920’s. We all stopped at the cool Clark Park Sign as Amber made the “photo call” and we all responded like condition Pavlovian Dogs. On the way over to the sign big Mike, with all of the torque his old Hockey legs can still generate, snapped one of his peddles off his bike. Yep it came off and Mike was sunk and out of the game. Try as we might we could not make it work and Mike and Lisa headed back to MCB while the rest of us made a mad dash down river.

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Chris Frey was running late but somehow found us down on Jefferson as Dave’s flat tire gave him a good chance to catch up. As we all became as one group and mounted up and made our way back out onto Jefferson and took off for the last mile down to the Speed Boat Inn. In all of the excitement no one noticed that Chris was not with us? He got a flat too! Just after we had our first round of refreshments out on the patio Chris came rolling up and as soon as he walked in, somebody handed that man a Beer!

Our stay at the Speed Boat was brief, as we soon found ourselves back up in the saddles and on our way to Donavan’s just outside of Mexican town kind of situated between the old rail road station and the new pedestrian bridge overpass on 96. Shannon was there to greet us and with a few cheers we said our goodbyes and made it back to MCB without incident.

Bike Detroit to Downriver! James A. Meyers bike explorer

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