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8/16/2012 Impromptu

Tonight’s ride was not on the schedule and more about the core group of riders who always show than some great destination or adventure. Amber suggested we stop by and see her friend’s new place on Murland then make our way up to the Stone House and Dutch Girl Doughnuts? Okay by me and the group’s voice became one we were off.

Second left and on over to LaSalle gardens, up LaSalle Boulevard then out to Linwood and across the lodge. We found this beautiful house in the University district as it is locally known and we all took a moment of breath and let Amber and James check-er out and snap a few pictures. From there we made our way once again through beautiful Palmer Park then out to Woodward and onto the Stone House.

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The ex-cop-bar-keep was in his typically friendly mood as he served burgers and shots to the ladies as Dan and Big Mike and I enjoyed our time out on the front patio. James joined us outside too as his smile and enthusiasm is always contagious. Libations down it were time for a brief sprint over to the Dutch Girl Doughnut Shop. Man did we have fun at this place! I typically try not to eat crappy junk foods but when it is this good how can you say no? We first had Doughnuts, then cookies then some more doughnuts for good measure! FUN

We saddled back up and crossed over Woodward at 7 mile as Dan lead us into and on through the inner park. Please go here if you have never been. The trees and the sounds of nature at night in Palmer Park are simply incredible! Dan charted us through and out onto Third Ave where the Tri-Athletes Jen and Julia made their break and within a few minutes two of the hottest chicks were nowhere to be seen!

Of course when the group made it back to MCB the ladies were ‘Carbing-up’ as all I could do was smile and thank the heavens for sending me such a lady in Jen.

Bike Detroit! James A. Meyers bike explorer


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