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8/23/2012 ‘Old Redford Run’

Tonight’s ride started off with a good group of 12 riders as we were joined by 2 new bright smiley faces! We headed out once again to explore a new way to our midway/turnaround destination going down a couple of streets that none of us had ever seen/been before. If you just take a minute to look at the map you can always chart a way to your destination in Detroit on the path least traveled. For me this is a big part of why we ride in the city and take the time to share our adventures. Today we would spend many a mile on Midland Street and getting there was fun!

Heading on up LaSalle blvd. once again we made a quick jog out onto Linwood for a couple of blocks north and then turned left onto Midland. Just the first street past north of the Lodge freeway. From there we headed west and received many a hello and cheers from numerous kids and families who probably have never seen a group like ours rolling through their streets before! With a brief Jog out and over onto Puritan we made our way back down to Midland and continued on with our journey West.

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Three more miles and we did the Puritan Jog over and around again and soon found ourselves magnificently immersed in the Rosedale Subdivision enjoying our travels down Gainsborough and Lancashire streets. We all slowed down to take in the view. The group enjoyed the masterful artistic homes of expression. As magnificent and diverse in style as the inhabitants of our great city! in a word Beautiful! With a quick left and right we found ourselves out on Grandriver crossing over Evergreen on way to our first stop of the evening.

The Blackberry Inn where, “the Blacker the Berry the sweeter the juice”, I completely agree! Growing blackberry’s in our garden at home confirmed their assertion/marketing ploy! Although I must say the outfit the model was wearing on the advertisement looked better than berry’s on the cane any day of the week! The ladies that served us were Beautiful and super friendly. Then there was the fried food, The chicken was amazing! Forget Popeye’s, Churches and KFC! If you want the best in fried food, served by Berry Juice Beautiful accommodating waitresses, then this is your place to be! Ditch the conversation in your head and head on out for a great time.

As we gathered in the parking lot to assemble for the return ride home we all became fascinated by a magnificent praying mantis who seemed to be having a love affair with a couple of tires on a parked Grand-am that was a few spaces away. What a cool site in the middle of a city. We all were off and apart from a chain falling off Michael’s bike we all enjoyed the straight shot back to MCB along one of the original spokes/wagon trails of yesterday.

Bike Detroit! James A. Meyers bike explorer

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