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7/26/2012 Mountain Bike the Rouge Water Shed

It has been awhile since my last Blog entry so I will do my best to give you an idea about the fun we had this evening even though it was a month ago this ride took place. Gary Turla joined us tonight as all of the typical Beautiful ladies that come with us where nowhere to be found as this was going to be one heck of a ride. Tonight’s ride was 35 miles plus and was scheduled to take people along a partial section of the Emerald Necklace route that runs in concert with the Rouge river on the cities far west side. Gary was apprehensive at first learning how far the ride was scheduled for but we convinced him to come anyways.

Off we went on Canfield heading west to Grand river where we would make the turn right and head up to old Redford where the trail begins. Traveling smack into a strong westerly breeze after about 6-7 miles Gary stopped and said he was going to turn around? We stopped too and told him, “then we are all going with you as the group never breaks up”. Chris Frey was most supportive and what was decided next is that Gary would lead the group so we would all be traveling at his pace.

Slicing through Rosedale Park North we charted our way over to Margareta making our way across Lahser we found ourselves back on the Emerald Trail. Just behind Billy Rogell golf course you will find some amazing home’s, virgin watershed topography dotted with Virgin Oaks, ahhhhh the way it is supposed to be. The group was surprised by the beauty and the up and downs of the winding road. Crossing Grand River then 6 mile on Beaverton we snaked with the river until we found ourselves at the now closed corner of Riverdale and Dehner. The abandoned park returning back to nature Dan pulled out some fresh Brews he brought with him on his bike and we all enjoyed the fresh suds as we tried to catch up with our breath. Everyone there was amazed that THIS IS DETROIT.

With a quick up hill and around we found ourselves on the gravel service trail that runs between 5 and 6 mile. Too bad illegal dumping is taking place as the short-cutting fools efforts were blocking our path. Across Five mile into Eliza Howell park we took the group across the pedestrian bridge over the river stopping for a minute to enjoy the view. Up the east side banks on through the virgin trees all were amazed that THIS IS DETROIT. It is like an undiscovered country in so much as nature can be found unadulterated, still in its original splendor.

As we came up and out into a neighborhood some local kids were taken aback by the sight before them. We encouraged them to check out the trails and although they live right next to them they had never traveled in? Much to our surprise they turned and walked right in. At this point Gary was pooped so we ditched the trail and turned back east to start our trek home. Along the way the rain finally showed up as we made a break for shelter under a awning at a marathon gas station. All joined in and purchased gator aid and snacks as we enjoyed the food the vibe started to change from judgment and tensions to smiles and hellos. The kids in the SUV filling up nearby made it easy. Act like a kid and be a kid!

Bike Detroit! James A. Meyers bike explorer


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