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Belle Isle Run: 05/17/2012

Amber and James made it back and have become such a wonderful regular addition to our burgeoning group. Amber gets all of the credit for snapping the pics. which now have become a mainstay in all of our post. More and more people are coming out to enjoy the city with us as we truly welcome everyone and anyone who can check their judgment at home and get on the bike and ride!

We swung on by Honest Jeff’s but saw none and continued back around north on 2nd only to then turn R/East on Canfield. Out past the 5 wonderful Historic Churches we slid by the Heidelberg project. Once we crossed Gratiot Dan suggested we take group by the old Pfeiffer Brewery before we found our way to Grand Blvd. and then onto the island.

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Belle Isle was already dressed up for the Indy Car race. We all had fun cursing the course but found the time to stop by the old Casino and take a goof photo of One arm James and the three lovely ladies laying on the Casino sign, (hot Stuff!) From there we did a mid way loop and circled back onto Jefferson after the headlong into the wind sprint across the bridge. We slid along the river walk and landed into Andrews place once again. Jen was in PBR Prison out on the patio with a wonderful smile as usual. Mr. Burly man was happy to see us and had a heartfelt hello and goodbye to offer to the group.

Since we were right around the corner we rode our bikes into Atwater for one and then spun back around on the river walk heading west. James ripped up the Hill just before the DNR park and with well lit Helmet spot light blazing, flew down the hill like a “Blue-Streakier’ off the coaster tracks. What a sight. From there it was onto Jacoby’s for some grub and then back to Dan and Johns place for a good night Gracie!

Bike Detroit! James Meyers bike explorer

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