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Dive Bar Tour 05/10/2012

Tonight’s ride was really about the group more than anything else. The two of the three dive bars we made it to will leave a lasting impression on all who ventured out with us. Missing form tonight’s ride was Dan and Val as well as John and Michael, the 4 of them sure did have a positive influence on our last sojourn and hopefully they will be back out with us next week. New to the group was Rick and Amy, Lisa and Scuba ‘motor city brew tours’ Steve made their long awaited return as it has been about a year since they last ventured out with us. Rick was kind enough to map the ride so that people can see the route and more over the circle tour we took around LaSalle Garden Park. Everyone agrees this place is magical and the collection of Architectural Styles is nothing short of Amazing!

Our first stop was quite a haul out to the northwest. Toms Tavern (7 and Wyoming) first opened 4 years before prohibition began. Gus the old Greek’s pictures still adorn the walls as a portrait of the infamous Bill Bonds hangs nearby. Billy boy had a wry smile as he was leaning into a beautiful Blonde many, many moons ago. This place is as old school as it gets. It may very well be the greatest dive Bar in the entire City. If it was up to me it would willing get my vote! The shop keep was startled at first with the some 14+ bikes we asked to bring in? Control freak statements made by both, we streamed them or shall I say, piled them into a corner and ordered a full round of PBR’s for the entire group. If it is not Motor City Brew Works beer then make it a Miller or PBR. There is a spot in the floor near the corner of the bar entry that has settled some -18-22″. That’s right a real dive in no uncertain terms. We think it is the ultimate test to see if one had too much to drink? If you have, you may very well be on your way down, quite literally. My main man James pulled a wheelie as he came through the door opening and with fond fare-thee-wells; we headed out east to find the long since buried Conner Creek Watershed Trail.

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A quick dip south and a left on Clarita we headed east on thru the University district, on up to 7 mile where we made our way through the Palmer Park central trail once again. Snaking around the northern most tennis court we cut across Woodward and onto Nevada Street. Next we heard the roar of a south bound train, then a Whoosh as James sprinted on by, doing his own version of beat the train! He chose wisely, (Indian Jones Last Crusade) and waited for the rest of the group but he swears he could have made it? (Dirty Mary/Crazy Larry) comes to mind. Although my eyes are getting on in age, it looked like a potential ‘T’-bone to me. Waiting on the train big Mike found the opportunity he needed to adjust his seat and with the train gone by we crossed I-75 on East into the old farmland beds that used to follow the Conner Creek watershed trail out from Palmer Park.

Realistically Nevada does not feel particularly good in-between Woodward and old Mt. Elliot, but as a group the Bubble of good intent has a strange and powerful effect on those who perhaps are a wee bit disconnected from the stream? It was Dark as night fall when we all finally arrived at the Two Way Inn. This is the oldest Bar in Detroit, in good working order, not really a dive. For History’s sake we thought it best to include it on tonight’s run. Rick and I spoke about how he was “feeling it a bit” and the group decided to head on back to the Brewery as it was getting near 10:00 p.m. The Comet ride down to the Comet Bar would have to wait until another night. Perhaps we will include it on the return from the Tap Room trail in the near future.

As we all left and headed our way down to Caniff, Brazilian Butt, Jen and the young Bucks Drew and his Pal could not hold back any longer they were gone! 20 something young men chasing hot 30ish tail, sounds about right to me! Out of sight and wonderfully out of their minds, deep down into their lungs looking for Air. Man some of the riders can really fly! By the time the rest of us made it down John R and back to Motor City Brewery they had their beers half way finished and their Pizza’s sitting hot on their plates. Good sprint! Again my special thanks to Amber our group’s unofficial photographer. What her eyes see is truly a beautiful sight and hopefully will be an inspiration to those of you who wish to ride with the group someday. James is a Lucky Man to have found his own tower of Pisa.

Bike Detroit! James Meyers, bike explorer

From Ken, one of our riders: I just wanted to say, thank you VERY MUCH for a great time last night. Granted I wasn’t expecting such a ride, but I feel great today… (a little sore) but I want to say thanks for the guidance, and words of advice to keep me pedaling. 🙂

If you’re interested… this is what my phone documented as far as the path we took… it might be off a little bit because it wasn’t keeping constant GPS signal… but still quite a map.

Hope to see you soon!

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