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City Loop Circa 1909 Run: 05/24/2012

Well we all started getting in to MCB just after 5p.m., Amber and a new friend were in, Andrew and his Pal form Western, then Honest Jeff and two of his Pals showed and the group started to feel even better. Tonight’s ride was retracing our History as in the history of 1909. Not many are aware that the city of Detroit was limited only to Grand Blvd way back when. Hind sight being what it is I wonder now if it really was a good idea to expand and expand and expand out into Greenfield Township, turning all of the once pristine farm land, into the sprawling city residential. Why don’t we ask Highland Park what they think? OK let’s let others decide on this one and get back to the action and fun.

Since Honest Jeff was already in the house with his posse there was no need to swing on by his place. We slid over to 3rd and then headed down to Martin Luther King Blvd. Turning right we made our way west out to the Blvd boundary trail. It was fun with this group as all of us took various turns sprinting up, reeling in; back and forth we went like a fun dance in search of deeper breath. As we made our way to the once North West corner of the city we were all rewarded for our efforts, with a chance to stop and take in of one of the great Tudor Revival Residential Master pieces, still left standing and alive in our wonderful city. Just across 96/Grand River, tucked back into the corner, lost against monstrous trees, you will have to look hard but will find this work of art. For me the triple 6 pointed star conjoined central chimney speaks of many wonderful things. Okay back onto the ride.

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Heading east on the mighty Grand Blvd. you will soon find a split to slower minor blvd. a minor to major if we are talking classical music in terms. It keeps the cars out there rather than right in here next to us. We all felt some relief from the Amplified Steel Reflections and welcomed the relaxation of riding without the close encounter of cars. Back and forth we were all feeling it. I felt it so much I turned north rather than South on John R so we could make our first pit stop of the night. Lucky for Ambers/our new friend! He knew the way. If you have never been you have to check out V’s. Outdoor Beach Volley ball, a couple of Horse Shoe pits, big outdoor Patio, Tables and good pizza and food to if you find yourself hungry. Guess what we ordered? More than a few sips in Honest Jeff sparked the instance for a game of Shoes! What fun, I think he won 10-9, as it was a neck and neck affair! Val took shoe next and bounced a couple, not off of the wood back board behind the steel pin, but rather off the wood privacy fence situated behind. It had been awhile and with all of her new muscles form working out at the gym she had to simmer down about and dial-er-in just a weeeeeeeeeee bit.

From V’s we Bombed Ferry Street all the way east, had its own sense of history/historic vibe about it. Better yet no dance along For us it was more-better-best than out with cars on zee Grand boulevard. Turning right onto the boulevard once again we headed south all of the way to the River. Hitting the River walk once again we just had to stop in at Andrews and see big ole burly once again. And while we were at it why not a quick stop into Atwater as well? From there it was a fun tour up the Dequindre-cut and on through the Market back on over to MCB. A quick goodbye and we were off once again to our sleeping children this time!

Bike Detroit! James Meyers bike explorer

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