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01/29/2012 Blog and Ride Updates

Mike called me out on Saturdays ride asking why it had been over 2 months since my last Blog post. He went on to tell me that we have somewhat of a following on the Blog and added that not only should I continue but he would be joining in on his own accord soon. Well I have really no reason or excuse for my absence, but I will however share with those interested that the last 2+ months I have been busy helping out at home, spending more time with the family than ever, loving every minute of it!

The fact is the rides have continued throughout the winter and my thought was not to try and re-create the sense excitement and adventure now/considerably after the fact, but rather offer some dates and notes about the journeys, saving my ‘In the Moment Passion” for the next true Blog entry.

November saw the Wed before Thanksgiving ride which has now become something of a tradition. Big Mike and yours truly rode the Modified East Emerald Necklace route as well as we considered further revisions to the trail that we are proposing, (tomorrow night at our annual meeting we will be finalizing and voting on our Emerald Necklace Plan).

December saw a trip down to Sanibel Island in Fla. We went there for a long weekend and simply enjoyed the best biking infrastructure ever designed for a Golf Coast/Caribbean Island or Key. If you have not been, pack up the bikes and the whole family and go on down and enjoy bike paths that are as extensive as the road infrastructure. Finally a place where bike paths approach the 50% mark, a balance in comparison to the street and road footprints. December’s warm weather also gave re-birth to the Southfield trial system. I rode it twice, once alone and once with Mike. Again it rings true in my heart that all of the maps have to be available to the public. I am hoping this is completed in time for the early spring rides.

January saw our 5th annual New Year’s Day ride. Many promised but only Mike and I showed up at Palmer Park to begin our ride. We headed down south against that amazing Westerly cross breeze, it was like sailing via tact. We headed South down 3rd crossing over near Wayne State to Cass Ave. and continued our ride on down to the river to see the rolling white caps pushing the surface of the River against its flow, smashing East onto the tip of Belle Isle. Wow is a word that could never do the experience justice! As we headed back up along the Ren/Cen we were blown out like a Bowman’s Arch, having to hit the east sidewalk to cross the Jefferson, for try as we might we couldn’t have gone straight if our lives depended on it. Heading through Greek town we stopped at Honest Johns to pay new owners Jeff and Kelly a visit. We decided since this was the place it had all started back in 2001, we would schedule 25-50% of our Thursday night rides to depart from the good ole bike friendly place for the 2012 season. With the warm weather I was able to take out the old Diamond back and do a solo run down against the clock, out of shape on 26″ rims and still done at 59 minutes. Thanks to Dan I was able to dry out and catch a ride back vs. riding back into the wind.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer


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