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11/18/2011 Thursday Morning Ride without Bikes

Today’s morning ride was done without bikes, spandex, Helmets or shorts. Today’s ride was done in Suits or one’s Sunday best as we had our day in court from a previous bike ride. Today we were in the 36th district court so as to defend our Honor and good name as we defended ourselves against the Loitering tickets that Dan, Matt, and I received last August while out on one of Thursday night trail/exploration rides.

All men can be reasonable and honorable. As both sides stand at the table of discussion we all must be prepared and willing to give up something so that Peace and Harmony can be obtained. For Dan it was the questioning of the Rail Road Police mans authority as his Insignia was without the State of Michigan’s Crest. For me it was my passion about Heartfelt Intent and rock solid belief that men of honor do not commit crimes, especially when all we were doing was changing the flat on Dan’s bike. For our new friend, the Rail Road police officer it was forgiving us for the passionate tone, questioning or disbelief. For Matt, it was nothing for he was/is the example for all to follow. So, “for the sake of justice we recommend that the charges against these men be dismissed”.

I write this so that we all can be made aware that not all rail road service roads are open to the public. In fact most of them are not. There are numerous owners to the functional and abandoned rail lines throughout the city with private police forces and 500 yard easement that keep them safe from vandalism and harm. Please research the owners and the restrictions associated with each of the lines. Whether or not they are on the Rails to Trails plan/list offered up by Todd Scott, or they are part of the Greenways Pedestrian Master Plan that was commissioned by Ken Cockerel Jr. Everyone has a job to do including our new rail road police officer friend, (hope you join us on one of our Thursday night rides next year, maybe you can give us an escorted tour?) We ask from all of you to respect this fact and do your homework before you begin your ride on any of the rail road systems.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer

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