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10/7/2011-11/7/2011 Ride Updates:

Andrea was asking Dad when are you going to write another Blog about your rides, it has been over a month? Okay sorry for taking a break but as this is a part time passion, sometime work trumps the writing efforts that is seems my eldest daughter has come to enjoy..

October 15th: Was our first complete family bike down, we staged my vehicle at MCB and Jen came and picked all of us up as we headed back home and loaded up and road on down. We made a stop in Palmer Park and danced under the colors of a Sugar Maple tree as I chased Sephera around and around laughing.

October 21st: Dan loaded his bike up and met me on Hamilton. I road down to see him then we rode back down to midtown, then turned back and made our way back up to Palmer Park. Along the way we met no less than 14 bike rider traveling in the same direction. Dan stepped up his efforts and soon we had reeled in all three groups and made our way back to Hamilton. I continued on to Lathrup Village enjoying the release.

October 29th: Was a ride that Big Mike and I took which was the modified eastern section of the Emerald Necklace route. Mike was with us when we did the northwestern loop back in August. We staged one of our cars at MCB and drove up to Palmer Park to begin the ride. 26 miles later, 12 parks ridden through/toured, Mike became enthused about what it is we were trying to do and started talking about how we can really make this Emerald Necklace/Sustainable Park route a reality? It has started with Palmer Park and will branch out in both directions. More to come via formal announcements from the city soon!

November 3rd: Was dedicated to the Southfield trails that we originally re-opened some 4-5 years ago. I love it and missed the old route as we have committed most of our bike riding efforts to our beloved Detroit over the past 4 years. I promise to make all maps published on our site come January of 2012.

November 12th: Mike was inspired to hear about my recent tour through the old trails and asked to venture out again with me. Arriving @ 8:30 am we hit it and hit it hard. Trails hills climbs all in Southfield, out to Carpenter Lake, (where I had my first wipe out in 6 years) and back again. Seven forest sections, miles of trails that many people still believe do not exist. Mike was on me as well to complete the maps and get everything published in a down-load-able fashion so that we could share the all of the various trail routes we have helped re-define and or created.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer

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