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01/28/2012 Homeless Barbeque Run:

Mike called up early and said that his daughter and friends were heading on down to the Park at Selden and 2nd to help out with the Barbeque event, and then asked me if I was available for a ride. Snowing Blizzard like conditions at times I said, sure why not, after all this would not be equal to some of our more extreme rides of past. We met up at the Palmer House and decided to chart our way down along a different path. A path through Hamtramck I knew was there we just had to find our way thru.

We darted north to 7 mile to pick up the asphalt trail into Palmer Park and into the woodland trails that were sure to be frozen on a day like today. We came out of the forest at Woodward across from Nevada and headed east. To Orleans, right on south, cross 6 mile snaked our way over to Goddard St. and kept on south. Snaking around we slid down Lumpkin then on over Brombach south again to Holbrook a quick right past Kolowalski Meats and then left again down Lumpkin. We hit Euclid, south to Clay, west again, south on Melrose than a quick left on Milwaukee and then finally onto Russell all the way down through Eastern Market connecting onto Rivard on our way down to the River.

With the 30+ mph wind at our back we blasted east to see if Andrew’s was open? Not, crap! No warm up before we turned back around to face the blasting wind. We Kind of, if we can even say that, crawled on back to the river walk trail, to the Ren/Cen, North through Greek town and finally on over to Honest Johns. Needless to say when we got there we were frozen a wee bit to the bone as the MPH and wind chill made its way through our layers. Thankfully his daughter had parked the car a block away and we loaded um up as Big Mike ran me back to Palmer prior to coming back down to pick up his daughter, from there it was on home.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers, Bike Explorer

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