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6/27/2011 Fireworks Down and Back!

We left around 7:15 p.m and headed down, free together again I smiled to myself and enjoyed the view, remembering the freedom of our earlier years, riding back and forth from the city on all those hot summer nights. A young teenage ass made a fool of himself by hurling a chunk of concrete at Jen on our way down Third. I swung around as it was hitting the ground only to see chicken and his friend run into the house and hide, I called him a loser as Jen said a little bit more than I should write. We turned around and continued on down, this time we were on guard. We made it to MCB just in time to meet Val and Dan then Shang-hide- off to a loft party down near the old MGM Casino. Whooshing on over, weaving in and out of little used streets, avoiding cars and traffic, we arrived at the party just as the night started to fall down around the buildings and sky.

Jen ribbed me and said that she, “was not really dressed for a party”, well oaky I got understand. Most of the group we had earlier met at the Brewery over the past few years so I figured loose non form fitting shirt? We joined the group up on the loft-deck- roof and enjoyed far off in the distance, the somewhat mutt led and moofed semi brilliant sky. More than half of the show was snuffed out by the now empty post industrial ruin, shucks…….

As soon as the last Boom had rung we were up saying our goodbyes as we knew we had quite the journey ahead of us. We slide away from the traffic of northbound Trumble and made our way on over to Honest Johns for a few glasses of water and few more good memories.

We stepped-em smooth, good and true all the way home as we completed the last 16 miles of the journey in about an hour. The empty streets and quite Midnight Sky always leaves an impression of haunting clarity, there is something crystal that happens when other vibrations and energy are gone? Landing home, we spent 10 talking to Heidi and Andrea both about the journey and the night with the kids. Good day, better night and an amazing month of bike riding behind us we both agreed it was time to go to bed, goodnight!

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

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