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6/16/2011 Crack Neighborhoods

I always look forward to this ride as it takes us deep into the once foul heart, of a devouring beast of corruption, Young Boys Incorporated. After thinking about it, the theme of tonight’s ride could read ‘Cocaine Neighborhoods’ for without Demetrius Holloway, Maseratti, and White Boy Rick and the infamous Timothy Peoples, Crack and the Chambers brothers would never of happened. So in typical fashion we stepped back a little further in time and ended up on Dickerson Street, headed on up and over to the center of it all.

Demetrius Holloway lived near the Dickerson I-94 interchange Hampshire and Newport, (still is a drug corner as we rolled through) a mere mile and a half away from City Airport. His number (1) Maseratti Rick lived just 2 blocks away from the City Airport, where they could safely manage and receive a minimum of 2 direct flights/shipments from Panama every week, on the 2 separate private jets that they owned. Think about this, everyone must have been involved and on the take! Customs, the County, the City, the Feds, the Airport itself, the local Police, all of them every one of them, for this operation lasted for more than 12 years.

This area of the city was/is devastated to this day, still Held by the Dark Forces of Addiction. Dan saw this first hand as he saw Grandmas home and neighborhood, crumbled down the burning path of devastation and ruin, (pretty dark stuff, alight I get it, but if you saw the house it is a burned out-ruin). Okay some would question, why go to this place? Because it is an opportunity to feel good unto others and let the kids that were out see for themselves, something different, something fun, and something ok. At least for me that was the ‘conversation in my head’ as others who came along for the ride made it known they just wanted to “Get Going”!

It was a great ride other than that one Bermuda Triangle of strange streets. Everyone loosened up as soon as were across Gratiot, out of the bad section, onto to St. Cyril, Concord Street back across and right onto Palmer under the belly of the old Packard Plant we slid left onto Ferry and made our way back and in for a beer and conversation.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

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