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6/9/2011 Retro Bikes and Single Speeds

Last week’s down note for me was quickly turned over as I removed my cast Sunday night and started stretching my way back to riding again. Tonight’s ride was about old school bikes and old school fun. I broke out my recently restored Schwinn Traveler III and was excited to see who else and what else might join in on the fun theme tonight.

Val was not planning on it, but with much chiding she finally agreed join in with the group as we would be escorting two sisters from Hamtramck on the their first Bike Detroit ride. They were each sporting different versions of the 1960’s recently ‘Shang-Hide’ from Gramp and Grannies place! What we had standing in our midst, on all but deflated tires, was a Huffy 5 speed and 1old classic Schwinn in pea soup gold paint.

The ride was about our guests as we set out on a tour to show them all the things they wanted to see. The riverfront, the Dequindre cut, and a quick Pop-on- over, to see our Burly man friend/bar keep down at Andrew’s on the river. It was nice to ride with Val as she took the lead, we both had time to talk and to get to know each other further. My ankle was happy that the ride was a tour and reminded me once again in the morning, that we still had a journey to take…….

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

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