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6/23/2011 Family Ride!

We were all excited to take to this ride, as taking the kids out along with us on a Thursday night is really a dream come true. Most of the Thursday night rides are out and away from their smiley-silly faces. My heart was warmed as the family arrived and started to unpack the cars and assemble the Chariots for tonight’s ride.

Once on our way, we made our way through Eastern Market and down onto the top of the Dequindre cut.

From there it was race time! Jen had been twitching all night, telling Val how she was going to. ‘Spank me’ on a sprint down the cut to the River front tonight. She had wee Chemeah and the single chariot, with me had I Sephera and Raphael. I let her take off and head on down the ramp before we began the chase. We were on her at the first bridge and shortly thereafter, went by pushing 28mph. Ooops she forgot about the things called ‘Leggs’. We all three toyed with Jen and Val all the way to the end. I answered every call from Sephera’s ‘I want faster daddy’. Alas 50 yards from the end, the Gentleman in me re-emerged and we three let Jen pass and win the race after all.
From there we were onto the River Feast and the Storm Shower that came in to meet us. We set up camp under the restroom carousal tent; Jen broke out snacks for all the kids to enjoy. Fresh Mulberry smears all over beautiful faces! It was a different sight then most would normally see on a Thursday night.

Good fun and packing up quickly, we made our way back to the parking lot, the kids happy to have spent time with each other again!

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