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Wed. Afternoon Blast 03/24/2010

With the proposals written I was ready early, to leave the work day behind me and get back on the bike.  64 degrees and 2:00 p.m.,  I put the shorts on and took the old Diamond Back down from the garage storage hooks.  A quick check on tire pressure and I was off. 

Today I decide to take the Lincoln way through Royal Oak and down on John R.  I have not gone this way in over 5 months, a mile into the journey I once again realized why.  Lincoln is broken and choppy from Southfield Road all the way to Coolidge.  More suited for mountain bike tires than thin road tires.  Once across Coolidge the road runs smooth and for a mile or so, teeth chattering and forearm jolts are nonexistent.   Making my way through Royal Oak, down to Hilton, Woodward Hgts. and then South I joined John R three Blocks North of 8 mile, it is there I crossed over.

In less than a minute you enter into a world of prostitution, street walking and drug dealing.  Focusing on the road ahead so as to avoid the glass and debris I had to shake my head at the blatant solicitation.  Let me get this straight, I have been riding for about 9-10 miles, soaking with sweat and you would like to do what to me…?  Eyes facing forward with my view and force bending around each corner I crossed over 6mile and made my usual left at the dead end.  Once around the old Model T Ford plant and across the Davison is where the John R. trail becomes interesting.  As you cross over and enter into the Boston Edison district the rest of the way down to the stadium is wonderful.  My thought is from now to come in from the west and cross over Woodward once into the Boston Edison District.

As I made my way down to the Tiger Stadium the place was awash with activity, many employees were washing, cleaning, setting up and making ready for opening day on April 9th.  All of the activity felt great and went hand in hand with the anticipation of spring.  20 miles in, I turned west and made my way up to my usual pit stop, the Motor City Brewery for some water and Cider.  Great conversation as always and a good rest I saddled up and headed northwest back to my home and incredible family.  All in all hassle free and for the most part free from cars.

Bike Detroit!  Jim Meyers

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