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3/21/2010 Sunday Morning Trail Restoration

With big Mike schedule you never know when he will be in town but he was here for a spur of the moment trail reconstruction day.  Mike arrived at 9:00a.m. on Sunday and I had the Ranger all loaded up for our trip down to Pembrooke Sunderland Park, (located behind Henry Ford High School south of 8 mile and East of Evergreen).  This is one of the Parks that we toured when we were investigating Park conversions into our ROI Urban Farm Concept on Behalf of the City of Detroit.

The existing trails were encumbered by our old friends the Ash trees which had appeared to have fallen quite a few years ago.

Apart from the garbage along the outskirts of the forest the trails are now open with 4 ways in and 4 ways out!

Numerous other trails are waiting to be opened up or created.  So the boys from Beat the train or other groups have at it!  Our focus will be on re-opening the primary paths or trails for what we have discovered.  More open trails and pictures to come real soon.

Bike Detroit! 

J. Meyers (behind the Camera) and Big M. Folster (hugging the tree)

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