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Thursday Afternoon Ride 03/18/2010

I think it goes without saying the weather was incredible and not to be denied and with Andrea hanging with the wee ones we were all set and out the door around 2:00 in the afternoon.  Jen led most of the way down exceeding 30mph at times we both slapped um hard and flew with the winds out of the West we felt like we were flying at times!  Making our way through Sherwood Forest and Palmer Park once again taking in the warm hellos and the nice early summer like air the smiles on our faces were tattooed on!

There always to be a better chance to open up and talk when people are relaxed and doing something that they enjoy.  At least for us it was a chance to further the dance of surrender as I opened up about a subject that had been troubling me for a while.  Without doubt, exception or taking it personally we both went back and forth talking, listening and seeing as we furthered on down the path of intimacy.  Ahh the affects of the church of the rolling wheel were once again upon us…. Now back to the ride.

Down on Third we started to get pushed a little by amped up auto guys who felt the spring energy as well and decided once again to let the world know they were there by revving there motors and coming close on the way bye.  A few deep breaths on we pushed on taking a new way across Wayne State over to Cass then down to Canfield and the brewery once more.  58 minutes, 17 miles later it was once of Jens best times!  Yaa right you are not in shape give me a break!  Our main man Dan meet us with a fond hello as Jen returned his sunglasses to him the smile that came across his face was delightful!

Ciders down and open conversation had we headed off West to take an adventure trail back this time.  Canfield overpass and on our way to Grand River our hope was to take it all the way ut to Lahser so I could show Jen Tuttle Park and the Historic Virgin Oak Beech Climax Forest.  The wind was at about 20mph and was pushing in our face.  We decided to ditch near Wyoming and start to head North through the side streets.  As we approached 7 mile an idea came to me that was just to good to be ignored!

Welcome to Tom’s Tavern circa 1928.  An old Blind Pig that is still in operation today where you have to be buzzed then properly eye-bald to gain entry.  Owned by the infamous Greek Gus, aka. ‘Tom’ this is one of if not the most Historic Dive bar in the city.  Jen felt right at home talking to Ron who took over for Gus after he passed away in 1991 speaking a few words in Greek the feeling that was shared was undeniable.  Jen stated to clear the bottles away from all the tables, obvious leftovers from St Patty’s day celebration.  Since Ron was busy cooking Jen helped herself to the beer fridge and told Ron the count would be well maintained.  The quips were few but funny none the less.  The next thing I know Ron was out of the kitchen with a bag of shrimp, cutting board, bowls and a knife and was instructing Jen in the proper art of de-veining and de-tailing so that she could help with prepping the meal for the day.  An hour later with the bar tender and many a patron arrival we said our goodbyes and made our way back home.

Bike Detroit!  Jenny and James Meyers bike explorers


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