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First Thursday Night Ride this Year 2/18/2010

The sun was shining in such a way that it almost seemed to have a voice.  The voice was calling out to me saying let’s go for a ride!  Well I did not need even a small push to make that happen. I left the office early and made may way home to fetch my fair lady, load the bikes and head on down to the waiting streets.

My fair lady a.k.a. Jenny really does not really want to define herself metaphorically by  riding her bike in the realm of below freezing temperatures , such as Big Mike Andy or I do.  As she puts it “it’s just not something I am interested in”.  Well today she had no excuses for the thermometer was hitting 38 and the warm rays of the sun just could not be denied.  We parked at HJ’s and headed up to the Brewery to catch up with our good friends John and Dan.  As we entered into the parking lot we spotted John up atop the patio and he greeted us by saying Cabin fever no more! 

Again I will say that no matter whom you are what you drive or the color of paint on your skin the motor city brewery is a place of community.  No judgment, no exclusion only welcoming bright smiles and the some of the best of healthy food, cider or beer that Detroit has to offer.   After an hour of good conversation, (okay we were supposed to only stop for a minute but…) we were finally on our way.

Canfield East to John R a quick right turn and my fair lady took off South like a rocket ship catching the breeze amplified by the surrounding buildings; the red Felt was off towards Tiger stadium as I hit the mountain bike peddles hard in an attempt to catch her, I knew I should have brought that cross over bike.  I thought to myself shut up and ride!

Flying through the mix area of old to new lofts Jenny commented on how she could live here as it felt good and looked like it was on the comeback.  Left and around the Tiger stadium and Ford field we split Greek Town in two and made our way down onto the river walk once again.  The place was ours, the river, the flow and the sky.  I yelled up ahead, “and you think that the Stony Creek Circle Jerk Ride is better than this?  You have got to be kidding me”!

Through the new State of Michigan Park we made our way past the Coast Guard Station and out to Jefferson Ave.  Crossing over the bridge I shouted out ahead, “look right and catch the view”.  Finally she slowed down just a little to take in the magnificent Sun, illuminating the Ambassador Bridge, bouncing rays across the water creating ripples of reflections that made their way into our hearts.   Onto the Isle Jenny was flying up ahead as we began our trip around.  Save only a couple of cars we had the entire place to ourselves!  Past our friends the Golden Weeping Willow Tres adjacent to the Botanical Garden Lagoon we continued on and made a slight left as we came near to the Islands Coast Guard Station.

We stopped in the shelter and took in the reflections of light and the view of a far off cloud cluster framed by two buildings of the Windsor sky line.  The cluster looked like a mountain range way off in the distance.  Back onto the bikes again we slowed down to say hello to a barbecue-er who just had lit his coals.  From there back out onto the circle road we made a quick left and went down the center lane, through the woods for our first time. 

Crossing back over the bridge Jenny finally learned how to draft as the North wind was smacking us in the face, I encouraged her to slid in behind my rear wheel and enjoy the suction/bubble.   Turning right back out on Jefferson she said thanks!  Back onto the river walk we made a brief stop at Andrews.  Warm and again ready night fall was slowly dropping its curtain once again.  Blasting back we found Cass Ave and made our way back to HJ’s parking lot.  Bikes stowed firmly on the rack we made our way in for a Black Bean Burger and a Red Stripe.  Bike Detroit!

J. and J. Meyers bike explorers

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