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Sunday Morning Not so Over Easy 01/17/2010

Big Mike had made the call late Saturday afternoon as he was hoping to break out his single speed, ala Andy Ericson from Beat the Train.  With the thought of icy corners on his mind Mike gave a call declaring that perhaps it was Mountain bike time once again and that he would meet me at H J’s at 10:00 a.m.

Out of the cars early we were on our ride by 10:00 and had an interesting time getting use to the Vancouver- esque cool and foggy extra moist air.  Each breath was filled with water vapor, the amplified form, the kind to ignite with amplified light…?  Okay back to our story…  We road on by the G.M. head Quarters and made our way down to the waterfront riverside.  Slow thick air pushed down on the ice pack flow, slowing the current down to almost still, ice silently stuck in a lazy tour.

We made our way through the new state of Michigan park and ended up on the Dequindre cut heading north through the thick silence.  From there we blasted wee bit North on Mt. Elliot and then headed over to West Grand Blvd. and from there onto Belle isle.  Numerous people, some with four legged friends were witnessed walking along the water’s edge enjoying the thick silence as well.  We pulled off and walked out onto the revealed shore line as the water levels were lower than usual and as we turned to remount a group of 6-7 fellow riders whizzed on by on modified mountain bikes?  Who ever you were great to see you out on the trail!

From there we made it back around, over the bridge, left onto Jefferson and down onto the river walk.  Snaking around the Coast Guard Station we ripped up the trail back out to the road near Andrews Saloon.  From there we headed on past the cut and onto the river walk once again.  Passing the Joe and auto show traffic we made our way back onto Cass Ave. and blasted back to HJ’s.

Bike Detroit!

J. Meyers bike explorer

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