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Friday Afternoon Tour 01/15/2010

With the Conversation in my head being silenced last week , I could have thought of no better way to enjoy the start of the weekend then to get on the bike and ride on down to the city once again.  The journey this time was much warmer than last.  As the Boston Edison district was upon me so was the remnants from Mondays snow, I gripped and started to pull on the handlebars and rip it old school mountain climbing style.

I seemed to have forgotten of the power than can be generated from riding that way.  I guess I lost it in the city last year during my imaginary speed/time trials and my upper body had missed it for sure.  I rode the rest of the way down to the Brewery that way, gripping it/ripping on it until I was out of breath only to start over again.  Great work out!  Where was I thinking?

Lots of water this time with a cool glass of Cider to boot I headed back as soon as my under-layers were dry.  The grip rip ride style was great until about 5 miles from home.  Arms and legs both felt like flat tires and the speed over the ground reflected the muscle-mandatory slowdown-showdown.  When I walked in the door to see the warmly lit eyes of Sephera and the Grin from my wife, all I could say was, “that ride kicked my ass”.

Bike Detroit!

J. Meyers bike explorer

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