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Critical Mass Alive in Detroit! 03/26/2010

Critical Mass is alive and well in the “D”!  Unlike last year when cold and wet weather had rained out the event, today’s efforts were in full swing.  I think the face book avenue of communicating is working well.  Riding down from Mid-town I arrived at the entry arch of Heart Plaza around 6:45.  The scene was awash with about 75 cyclists with more arriving every minute.  Blue jeans a plenty no one was wearing a helmets, biker shorts or jersey’s, well everybody but yours truly.  Alas I had grown up enough to perhaps become/represent the man?

A few quips were sent off in my direction as I circled with others trying to stay warm in the 36 degree sunlight.  Wow I thought to myself how out of place I was and moreover how apparent my maturity, (fancy way of saying big-old-middle-aged-man) was by comparison.  The view was a rebellious one, College kids, tattoos, dark clothing, facial hair, mountain bikes, sexy single speeds and a few roadies thrown in with jeans for good measure.  The proposed ride seemed to be more of an anti-establishment rally than an exercise tour. 

What has always fascinated me about these last Friday of the month bike rides was the tale that whoever takes the lead in turn leads the group on a ride through a city, taking over the roads so that cars and their drivers would become more aware as the rights associated with bikers and biking.  The fact of the matter was that I knew I was sadly out of place, as I was not going to lead this beautiful youthful group anywhere!

As 7:10 was upon the moment and the ride still congregating around the entry Arch, I thought it best that the “Man”, in his blatant commercial advertisement bike Detroit gear should slip out silently and let the young activist have their day free from the likes of organized anything, including me.  Oh yea did I mention it was cold as ice and I did not wear a jacket?

Cruised back up to my usual haunt and as the first Cider was touching my lips I happened on a fellow awaiting his carryout order.  Meet Bill Lusa one of the founding members of the Tour de Troit!  What a fine fellow indeed.  We talked at length about the tour and the fact that all of the money that they charge and raise goes directly to promote biking in the city and for paying for the likes of bike lane line striping.  The word beautiful is all I could muster.  What a great group of Detroiters.  

Bike Detroit!  J. Meyers bike explorer


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