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Tour De Dearborn 8/8/09

Only 7 of us joined Alex from Detroit Bikes/Detroit Synergy as it was pissing rain all morning long.  The most interesting fact that was shared was a particular style of Architecture that was created by one of the car designers that worked at Ford Motor Company in between 1900-1920.  Numerous homes were designed and constructed for the upper level managers and their families in and around Dearborn.  The homes are a-symetrical and have a simular theme expressed in all colors.

One of the new riders to the group was saddled with a leaky valve on his back tire.  This particular tire was not a quick connect/dissconnect so after 2 shots of CO2 the group decided to break off early and do better next time.  I look forward to next years tour, (hopefully with a scheduled rain day alternative) so that I may learn more about this amazing city that is hidden north and South of the Michigan Ave cooridore.

J. Meyers bike explorer

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