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Friday Night Exploration 7/31

With the handle bar cam mounted I took one of the trail ways down this time so as to show people what we have been talking about.  I forgot how much fun all the twisting and turning and rolling climbing was!  Out Technical support J.P. will be having fun editing out and speeding up so that people can see the way past there fears.

I could think of no better way than ending the month of July with a semi-epic ride.  People were overtly friendly as I was being engaged firs,t with hellos and way to go’s!  When I made it onto John R were it becomes one way, I did my best to capture the freedom of the trail.  Sweeping back and forth across 4 lanes of emptiness Mile after mile, no passing cars nothing.  A view that was hopefully captured on the video which will be posted soon.

Passing by Comercia Park was worthy of a slow down to a point of crawling.  The Vans warped tour brought in a massive younger crowed down to the D, they were expressing their freedom at various levels of mood, illumination and style.  Community has many faces and many expressions with one common tone being ever present, it only happens outside of cars.

Snaking through Greek town I made it down to the waterfront to enjoys the sights and sounds of the Fountain of Youth.  For those of you who have never been, it is a delight to watch the children play in the dancing fountain in front of the Ren Cen.  Laughter, surprise, shouts of glee and yah!  Made may way around the waterfront and headed back into the East side of Greek-town to Jacoby’s to get the dusty pipes wet.  With Oberon in hand and with two waters previously consumed I met a wonderful couple who were down from Saginaw to watch their Sons band play in the Warp tour.  We talked about sites to see, historic Fort-Wayne as I listened to a Mothers wishful hope that her child would have finished his degree so that at least he could have that piece of paper.  I counters and said, the people who are in touch with the other side of their brain a.k.a. artist do not do well at University cause they are drawn to the other side, the side of visualization and feeling.   I suggested to embrace the difference and the freedom of the artist and let the boy sing, sing and sing.  With good smiles they headed off to the show and then the drive back to Saginaw whence they came.

From there I motored on up to the Motor City Brewery to say hello and try some summer ale.  What a relaxing place/event.  Sitting halfway in and half way out it was fun to take in some breath and say hello to the people that i have come to know in my travels.  Once again it is a house of community, no judgment, no disdain, no poison, no pain, we all the same.   Looking at the clock thought it best to head on north west and home, one last stop at hero’s park and hit my last set of 32 before those tired triceps began to fail.

Another beautiful ride, free from the cars and more over the drivers who are still caught up in the illusion of the race.

J. Meyers bike explorer

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