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Mission Recon 8/16/09

At 1:45 in the afternoon the Mercury had risen to 91 degrees and the hot wind was blowing 15-20 mph from the South.  Knowing it was going to be a sweaty challenge I decided to head due South and get the worst of it out of the way.  Slicing through Oak Park and down Church Street I happened upon/found about a half mile of lawn which appears to have been a shut down/reclaimed street?  Heading south it becomes Hubble as I continued across 8 mile I headed in once again…

From there I slid a little East and went by Lugar Park and then down and by Diack Park on Thatcher Street.  From there I continued South, crossing over School craft I decided to take the rail road grade/bridge over I-96.  Without any guardrails or handrails the sight line drew numerous honks and views from the people trapped inside their steel cages on wheels.  As a fitting tribute I had to drop down and give 25 slow and deep to the only portal open in the North.

Onto Fullerton I decided to head East to Schaefer Hwy, turning South the automobile  interface energy was not all that good, breathing deeply I continued South past the CSX Transport Center and arrived at West Chicago and turned West onto Freeland Street.  Freeland is Strategically Keyed to a Beautiful Masonic Temple.  If you look up in the sky you will see the floating temple on the Spire that appears to have been influenced by the Art Deco Movement.  This place is commonly known as the Daimler Chrysler Jeep and Truck Engineering Center now emptied?  I wonder how connected Dick Chrysler was in the Masonic Order of Detroit?  The Crysler Building in New York seems to say it all!  I wonder if he was using his knowledge in a self serving manner, as Yoda would say, “the one that leads to the Dark side”? From what I have read anything that is selfishly wrought and or is supportive of the materialistic paradigm, invoked by speaking the hidden words of the Secret Mysteries leads to the corruption of the soul???  Was the fall of Chrysler predestined by wanton selfish acts of long ago?  Maybe ask John Bravata, he might know?  Oddly enough our local Ponsi Schemer recently destroyed Mr. Chrysler Historic English Tudor Summer Lake Cottage in Brighton to build his new palatial estate with other peoples money.  All that is left now is a foundation of concrete that was built upon the destruction of History by selfish greed.  Sounds like Detroit to me?

Anyways, aligning myself to the Center Axis/Ley Line Vortex, I faced perfectly North and dropped and gave the concrete and the abandoned temple 25, slow and deep, as an expression of Modern Day De-Construction right into the face of the Temples and Gods of Man that were built upon shallow selfish foundations and not upon the foundational principles of the Lord of Spirits.

None of us can experience the energys and Vortexs of our city while strapped in an automobile, we are moving to fast, ahead of the moment, focusing on the future rather than availing ourselves and our experience to what is right here and now in the moments as they occur.

As my tribute to Raphael was finished, I mounted up and caught the Southern breeze North and back to my garden of delights, Jen and Sephera with little Neum on his way down soon.

J. Meyers bike explorer

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