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9/13/2012 ‘Delray, Springwells and Dearborn Ride’

Another great night and another great group! Tonight was a partial trip on the emerald necklace loop that we have been working on for the past year or so. Today we were off on our way to Jefferson via Clark Park. As we went west on Canfield we all stopped at 3rd Ave. as we were missing 3 members of the group? Jen, Val and one other came out a few minutes after we had left. Once all back together again Dan led us on his way over to Clark Park/Street and then down to Jefferson.

We pushed it a bit west on Jefferson passing by the old fort and after 7-8 blocks we turned right onto Green. Green takes you over I-75 without much to any car action. A quick left onto LaSalle, we headed west for a quick swizzle on Springwells under the rail road tracks so that we could turn on Rathbone, (wrong way again) and head on into the boundary of Woodmere Cemetery. Following the fence around north we entered into the left hand turn lane at Vernor and shot into the sidewalk ramp opening up the hill were an original stand of Oak trees still remain, high upon the bluff overlooking the stream. Cursing through a few groups of pedestrians it was a quick push down the un-altered virgin watershed topography out to the sidewalk that runs along the south side of Patton Park for a little urban trail like action. As we came around the Dix Ave. corner the group was a little split up so we waited and gathered all before we crossed over into Dearborn.

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There is a crosswalk and signs that well lead you into Lapeer Park and as we made our way across we could hear a Muslim call to nightly prayer, which I thought was wonderful. More praying vs. judging and what a world we would be! Lapeer park has a great asphalt trail and a huge hill for sledding or Mountain biking the choice is yours. I saw small kids on the front and a group of Teens on top so I passed. Dan and others sprinted up a flew down the other side. Darn it I thought to myself, I should have been with them! Cruising around the trail we eventually spilled out onto Eagle Ave and circled in front of Johnny’s place which much to my chagrin, is no more! Lucky for all one block away Solomie’s was open to receive and we went on in. Dan steered the group and the bikes back out into the patio area which I would rank as one of the best we have seen to on all of our trips.

From there we were back in the saddles and pushing our way to the bike path that runs the entire length of NW side of Patton Park. Swooping like a serpent I always imagine what this placed looked like back before the buried a branch of the Rouge river, which used to run right through the middle of the Park? Back then it must have been beautiful! Exiting onto Vernor we agreed to stick to the main route and boogie on back into Mexican town. Los Galanes has a great side terrace patio where we all stopped to eat and enjoy Margaritas along the way. I had my first flat in years and fumbled my way through the road side repair. from there it was back over the freeways and back to MCB for our parting goodbyes!

Bike Detroit! James A. Meyers bike explorer!

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