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9/06/2102 ‘Grosse Pointe Run’

We had a great group show up tonight. Honest Jeff is always a treat to see, hear and talk to! Ready to go it was left on Canfield once again on our way over to the East side Yea! It is always fun flowing on by the Heidelberg project what a statement still to this day. We spilled out onto Jefferson via Hastings and instead of dipping down to Freud as usual, Dan’s lead made the call east on Jefferson, full speed ahead and damn the traffic! A mile or so later we turned left onto Grey past the old Lincoln Motor Company on our way to Kercheval for a trip on over to Texas.

Gary had lived in around this area most of his life and never noticed the Texas bar? Typically you have to be Buzzed into this place but tonight a greeter open the door for us and invited all of us, bikes included on in. This place is huge and great. Amber picked some great tunes and the place really started pumping. Big Mike, James, Dan and me made our way back into the ‘Bachelor Party Room Area” and went on and on imagining about what might have gone on in here! From there Gary made the call out to the group that we should all travel over to his place so that the group could take in of, “Jim’s Award Winning Gardens”? Everyone was interested so away we went! Crossing over Jefferson onto Pemberton street we soon found ourselves at Gary’s place. Bikes stranded all around it was quite a site. I am sure his neighbors have not seen before nor since. Genuinely it seemed that everyone enjoyed the gardens and ponds. Dan found his favorite bench back behind the ornamental Pear tree, while Gary opened up his beautiful house and toured many of the group through his miniature museum of art, sculpture, books and fine taste.

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We all saddled up and made our way to the tap room which is probably a Beer lovers best chance at Nirvana this side of the Pacific. Everyone got into the Spirits of things and before we knew it, everyone was trying something different where as me and Duvall took a trip to Belgium. The way home was one of my Favorites Goethe street. All the way home we enjoyed the magnificent silence of man and instead enjoyed a concert of natures colorful evening serenade, becoming the ear phones of our experience. A quick s turn through Eastern Market and we soon found ourselves back to MCB and on our way home.

Bike Detroit! James A. Meyers bike explorer!

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