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7/28/2011 Thursday Night Ride

Tonight we were finally joined by our new friend Steve, owner/sponsor of the Motor City Brew Tours. He had made a promise way back in May to get out on one of our rides and finally he was there in full living Color. The theme of tonight’s ride was a ‘Boulevard Blast’. With only 6 of us present, I put it up to the group to decide where we would be riding on tonight’s ride. I planted a seed in which I shared with the group that on one of my rides over to the office one Saturday morning I rolled by a sign on a building that stated it was the oldest bar in Detroit? It did not take the group long to decide that that would be our destination spot tonight.

It was in the 90’s and most of us started sweating in the parking lot before we even mounted up on our bikes. Our destination was the Two Way Inn, (www.twowayinn.com), situated on the Corner of Nevada and Mt. Elliot. The sign out front stated that they had been open since 1876 and with 135 years behind them we all thought it would be a worthwhile journey. Starting out right we headed straight up Second through Wayne State Campus before we switched back over and turned right on Palmer, over to Beaubien and then left through the Old French Quarter section of the city. Steve made mentioned how in some cases it looked just like the French Quarter down in New Orleans as many of the buildings were built back in the 1800’s. Our first stop tonight was going to be the Rathskeller as Steve made mention that, “a good German Lager would suit him just fine on a hot day like this.” Upon our arrival, we were surprised that the place was closed even though the sign that was posted stated that they would be open? Hmmmmm, I hope our city didn’t lose another great old Historic Place. As we mulled around the sidewalk/corner the question was put out, should we chug on over to the Two Way or hit something close to re-hydrate? Unanimously the vote rang loud and in a step of a peddle, we were off to Ye Old Stone House.

If you have not been, we recommend you pay the Stone House a visit. This old blind pig still has a tunnel entry that run’s underneath Woodward over to a home in Palmer Woods Sub. When Clint Eastwood was in town filming the Grand Torino he stopped by to inquire. They opened her up and guesstimated that someplace near Woodward the tunnel collapsed forever blocking the way. The Stone House is noted as being a part time Biker Hang Out but as long as you are on two wheels all are accepted and welcomed in. The owner was happy to see us and with PBR’s and Pitchers of water. We headed on out to the front porch to relax and take in the view. Half of the group went upstairs to the Playrooms/Bedrooms and headed out on the second story front porch to take in an elevated view. Steve was doing most of the talking and oh by the way the boy has lots to say! The owner brought us out a free Stone House Burger that Dan desperately enjoyed as this fine fellow forgets to eat some days when he is making all of that delicious and wonderfully organic beer. We ordered three more and had them shipped up top for Steve, Jen, Val, and Matt. With an hour of relaxation behind us we were finally off and sprinting back south to find Nevada and make our way east.

Matt attached hard and Dan played catch up each time, were mostly I cruised caboose keeping my eye on the group and the surrounding neighborhoods. All of a sudden we found ourselves at our target destination. We knocked, it took a minute and finally we were buzzed in and welcomed warm heartedly! The rumors were true. This is the oldest bar in the city and the two younger generation guys running the place were very happy to see us. A shout went out for more PBR’s and then the good conversation really began. What History, Brothel, General Store, Blind Pig, this place had seen it all and the historic photos that adorned the wall showed a picture of each incarnation. What Dan was struck by most is the old black and white picture showing a family along Conner Creek way before anyone considered putting it into a pipe and filling up the watershed. Way cool, Dan told me that that is the picture he really wants! The owners made us feel great and welcomed. What a fun time as we plan to take people here again. With fond fair thee well’s being said we turned right onto Mt. Elliot and played sprint/attach all the way down to the river. With a quick right and swizzle along the river front trail, we soon made our way literally right into the Atwater Brewery, were any a bike rider can ride his or her bike right into the brewery and on up to the make shift bar. I cannot think of any other establishment in the country that offers bike riders a path like this?

As it was getting on late in the evening we had just one taste and were back again up on the bikes, riding out of the brewery on past the overheads door as making our way through Brush Park and on back to the MCB. All week long we have been talking amongst ourselves that perhaps this was the best/most fun any of us ever had on one of our Thursday night rides? I cannot remember any more fun than this one, maybe Steve had something to do with it?

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer

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