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7/14/2011 Taproom Trail!

I road first from our new office a few blocks from the Tap Room over to MCB to meet the rest of the crew in anticipation of tonight’s ride. My hope was to get at least 40 miles in tonight. Waiting on Big Mike, we finally left around 6 for our eastside jaunt. Traveling over on well known trails, we made our first stop in Algonquin Park. We parked high up on the hill and enjoyed the sail clubs practice runs. Way cool! Some 50 sail boats practicing maneuvers, cutting tight, chin music to the sound of Mylar sails cracking as they fluttered in the changing wind, looking for a way to fill their sail. Peaceful and amazing.

From there we made a dash on over to the Tap Room, we ordered and headed out onto the back patio reminiscing about Dan and Val’s first meeting each other here at the same room. Their beer orders to me seemed like perhaps the same thing that the ordered/were drinking the night they met first met each other? What magic and after all those years the Spark and Vibe are just as intense.

After a few rounds we mounted up and raced back across town on the Canfield trail. We made an adjustment to the route so we could travel on by the old Pfizer brewing works. I thought to myself this would be a great place for Dan to expand his business. I wondered if any of the original brewing equipment was left inside. From there it was a fun dance all the way back to the brewery parking lot where we sat outside on the guardrail and debated raising the national debt limit for what seemed like a long time.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.


2 thoughts on “7/14/2011 Taproom Trail!

    • Motor City Brewery is the meet place @5:30, we will be leaving sometime there after. The scheduled ride is a (Boulevard Blast!)
      Depending on who shows we may very well continue with the mapping of the Emerald Necklace trail around the city for which all participants would need a mountain bike!

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