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Thursday Night Ride 8/12/2010

Tonight’s ride was a longtime in coming. We were joined by Shawn and Joe who were first timers for this year’s rides. A total of Seven of us headed out North in pursuit of the official Mountain Bike trail that has been built in Rouge Park. Dan led the Group out as Shawn and Joe were attached to his wheel, then Derek, Ted, Matt and yours truly followed.

The way north and then west was a make it up as we went kind of event. Nobody was to anal about the map that had been prepared as we all flowed and followed suit to the route that Dan was laying down. We made our way into the Park via Tiremen and had no trouble finding the trail head that Dan and Derek scouted earlier in the day.

The trial is tight and full of twisty. In one instance Dan led the group down into a dead-end hollow, but with no blood or bruises nobody was worst for the wear. Derek and Ted took off down the road in a vain attempt to meet us where the trail came out of the woods. After about 30 minutes of cell phones and riding around the group was finally back together as we made our exit from the Park via Spinoza and headed East on Warren for about a ¼ mile and then made our way south onto Whitlock. Whitlock was a good secondary road that took us east for about 4 miles until we had to ratchet down onto Paul Street and back on home to the Brewery.

When we arrived the Green Alley was quite the community scene as Mr. Cockerel took center stage with Todd Scott and other fellows. The conversation was cordial and relaxed with Mr. Cockerel quipping that he would soon join us on one of our Thursday night rides. With a few suds down and the 30 mile trip behind us we soon turned our sites for home and our families waiting there.

Bike Detroit! J. Meyers bike explorer.

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